Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Converting to Converse

I think Converse are a tricky thing. You either love them, or loathe them. Having dabbled with look-a-likes in my teens, I realised quite quickly that they aren't really very... me. That is until I started kicking the Kilometres in on my bike each week.

I'm not really one for hardcore sports kit with cycling- aside a couple of bargain base layer tops to stop me totally overheating, and until recently I was using a pair of inexpensive Primark plimsolls to get me to and from the office, problem is, the grip has gone on them. I know I could buy proper trainers to cycle in, but one of the reasons I have is that canvas shoes take up less space when my kit goes into my bag under my desk during the work day, and also, there are occasions where I would quite like a pair of casual shoes to pull on in everyday life too- with jeans and a jumper for a walk, with leggings to drop to the shops, with shorts for the 48 hour summer in the garden, so a better quality pair of shoes to cover both would be nice.

For me, it'll never be the high-tops, they just aren't practical for my needs, but the low tops have some potential, I really like this shade of grey for versatility, for easy wear when it comes to dust and dirt.

Fullscreen capture 02052013 220142.bmp
Grey Low Top Converse, £58 @ Spartoo

I do like the grey, but when I realised Converse make these more streamlined (and aptly named 'Dainty') shoes though, it was an easy sell. A bit more my style, easier to get into a bag and for me, altogether more pleasing.

Fullscreen capture 02052013 215539.bmp

All Star Dainty Shoes, £43.15 @ Spartoo

I find that Converse are pretty pricey, but I've also heard from friends who are long time lovers, that they're very long wearing, that they really do go on forever. For the use I have in mind, I suspect the cost per wear on a decent pair of casual shoes may be better than a cheaper budget option. 

Have I been putting this off for too long, or am I trying too hard to reclaim a clearly vacant youth?

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daisychain said...

Mm, I converted to converse two years ago and haven't looked back! x

Unknown said...

I have always been a converse girl and will always be a converse girl, I think they look great! :)
Poppy | far away