Monday, May 27, 2013


Happy Bank Holiday. I know we only had one at the beginning of the month, but I was so. very. ready. for this one. In my previous life, a bank holiday meant either being behind the bar for 3 weddings in 3 days or keeping a business BlackBerry to hand in case someone was sick/in need of emergency cover. In my current job I'm not required to be in the office and I'm not required to be on call and that, well that's precious.

This weekend T & I have worked pretty hard though. Earlier in the week I discovered on of my bike tyres was so perished from age and being kept outside in the cold in the early part of the year, that it had split. The other wasn't going to be far behind, so 2 new tyres, 2 new inner tubes, a new chain and a hell of a strip clean later, my Crimson Beast is back in shape. It was in interesting little exercise as bike maintenance is all new for me and we found a broken link in my chain when cleaning, which if left could have been quite dangerous. For any of you Londoners on 2 wheels, There are a number of Barclays Bike Clinics running through the summer months along Cycle Superhighways with free help, advice and once overs to ensure that your bike is in tip top safe riding condition.

Anyway.... I really wanted to share with you this outfit. Outfit posts haven't been as prevalent lately, because I've felt uninspired with my wardrobe, but if you saw my Budget Spring Updates post, you'll know I'm feeling a bit more enthused about my clothing selection.

Mint Pleated Maxi Skirt & White Shirt 4

Shirt, Zara
Shoes, Clarks
Jewellery, Topshop, Temp:Sec & Gifts

Mint Pleated Maxi Skirt & White Shirt 3

I bought this skirt via a Chinese eBay seller, but it's a totally different colour to the picture. Fortunately, it came to all of £6 with free postage, and I like mint green. I just would have like it more if it were the sage green I'd ordered. The shirt was a total impulse purchase from Zara on a trip to Stratford city with a friend a couple of weeks back but SO comfortable, if a bitch to keep pressed and the shoes. Yeah, shoes right now are a problem- I was after something to toughen this outfit up a little and these Clarks shoe boots are a little unloved since winter (kinda....) came to mind. It's been a few months since I last wore them, and they are just so comfortable. It was the reminder I needed, that I need some new shoes, some comfortable heels. I really really fancy a pair of wedge trainers, a la the Marant versions and Ash that have been so popular. I am really liking these Ash pastel versions and these Ash black leather and suede ones too. What do you think? I'm torn, and they're a little pricier than I've ever paid for a pair of shoes, but I do really, REALLY like them.

I hope you've had pleasant bank holidays, whatever you've been up to. I'm off to have myself a slice of my epicly yummy Peanut Butter Caramel slice (see EssBeeVee's recipe here, it's super easy and oh. so. ymmy) and pretend that my head doesn't still hurt from the fight I had with the shower curtain pole on Saturday evening. Don't ask.



Temporary:Secretary said...

That is a gorgeous maxi skirt, Chloe! Mint-green is one of my favourite colours but i don't have many clothes in this shade. I'm off to check out Sarah's PB caramel slice recipe. I'm not very good with baking but if it's easy, i'll definitely give it a go! Thanks so much for the comment, I feel like I miss out on all the good stuff! I need to move to London!!!!! xxx

Maria Fallon said...

That skirt is beautiful, I really like this minty colour!

Maria xxx