Sunday, May 12, 2013

Recently I'm Wearing

I haven't done one of these for ages and ages. Mostly because I have been through a *I'm sick of everything in my wardrobe* phase. But a (relatively) restrained trip to Westfield and a couple of eBay purchases later, I'm feeling a bit better about things. The warmer weather is also helping, as my office has always been borderline tropical, my preferred sleeveless, bare legged and lighter weight choices are somewhat more appropriate. And a with spring has come a bit more socialising and getting out, which also means my non-work clothes are a little more inspired. It's amazing the difference it makes when the clothes you pull on something you like, and feel is more than *just* jeans and a shirt.

A couple of casual ones:

Sneakers & Skinny Jeans

She says.... Topshop Jamie jeans and biker jacket, Primark Sneakers. I thought I'd give sneakers a go, and this might just be jeans and a shirt, but I enjoyed some details making the whole thing a bit more interesting- turn ups, iridescent sneakers and

Chambray, Leopard and Chloe Paddington

Primark chambray dress, Clarks flats, Chloe Paddington bag
For dinner out with T, this Chambray shirt dress from Primark was only £10 but is obscenely short. I feel a DIY job coming on to add to the length. I like the idea though, and it's super easy to dress up with jewellery

A couple of work ones:

Conscious Collection Dress & Zatchels

H&M Conscious collection dress and Zatchels bag
I saw this dress on a bilboard and loved it. The print is a bit out there, but I love it. I was more than a little shocked by the H&M sizes though, I tired a 12 & 14 before eventually needing a size 16. I normally wear a 10 or 12 from most other shops. Also note the early birthday present from my mum, more on that to come.

Palm Print Skirt and Cream Blouse

George at Asda printed skirt, Forever 21 blouse & ASOS shoes. 
I saw this skirt at the High Summer press day a few weeks ago and have been regularly checking the website to see if it had come into stock, and launched for it when it did. At £12 it's a bit of a bargain. My office is quite relaxed most of the time, but more recently I'm working a lot more corporate cases including events, I have to make a bit more of an effort. 



Alice said...

That H&M dress is lovely. Totally agree H&M sizing is totally wacky xxx

Anonymous said...

Agree on that Primark dress, I ended up buying one in 2 sizes too big and tightening up the belt. Worked a treat!

The Girl said...


char said...

I love that skirt!
H&M sizing is always mental, I have to try and remind myself of that to avoid tears in the changing room!