Saturday, June 15, 2013

Blues Busting

You might have seen via Twitter over the last 7 days, but T has gone for a couple of months.He's gone to Sandhurst with the Army. A bit like last year (I blogged about my experiences), I don't really know when I'll next see him or how it's going to work exactly, but this year we are at least in the same country and time zone. Last year, I also had my final exams of my GDL to contend with, this year, it's a full time job, which is minorly less time consuming, so on a mission not to dwell too much on being missing the person I have become used to coming home to most nights, I decided to amp things up with my fitness regime.

As you might know from Things You Never Wanted To Know About Cycling I get my cardio in by cycling to work on a regular basis, it's approximately 10km each way to and from, and I manage it 3 times on a week on average. Not bad, but since T should be coming back even fitter than he was before, I thought I might have a go myself.

Knew they're clean, iridescent paleness wouldn't last long!
Spending a lot of time in trainers.... I knew my pretty, clean, pale iridescent shoes wouldn't stay this way for long!

We're also heading on a little holiday in September, and it would be nice to feel confident in my bikini. My bad, because I am not keen on the idea of diets (at all) and exercise routines solely for a 'bikini body'. Fitness is about being the best version of yourself possible, being strong and being healthy.

I'm spending some time getting to know my abs, which have been long buried, high there, your ache tells me we're becoming re-acquainted. The 2.5kg weights are a new part of the furniture, my triceps and biceps might eventually come to match my somewhat hulk-esque quads, and I'm not entirely sure what the name of everything else is that's currently being stretched, flexed and all round pushed, but I know it has to be good.

Exercise is about more than just body though, and the other reason I've thrown myself into fitness is that it makes me a much, much nicer person, and keeps my temper nicely in check. It's also been a good way to feel like I'm achieving something whist T is gone.

I should probably clarify and say here, that I am capable of achieving anything I want to, with or without a partner, and I'm very fortunate to have a partner who supports me in everything I set me mind to, so when he gets back, I want for T to come back and to have something to show for those 2 months he's been gone, to see that I didn't spend all 56 nights crying into a bottle moping.

So I'm spending a lot of time like this, less time growling at registrars at work, and no time moping- ok, maybe the first full night I had here without him, but that's different.


I might also indulge myself in those Converse I was looking at more recently.... #beprettyonrestdays but there's no harm in enjoying my feet whilst getting my sweat on.... right? And if it goes ok for the next couple of weeks, I am tempted to go back to the training programme I followed when the Air Force was still a possible dream, give the office in my life a run for his money. Nothing wrong with a bit of friendly *cough* competition....


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Maria Fallon said...

I am THE most unfit person in the world but I have been trying to make exercise a routine and although it is difficult, I feel like things are starting to click. You are deffo fitness inspiration :)

Maria xxx