Saturday, June 22, 2013

Scotland's People

This time next week, I'll be across the border in sunny Scotland. I'm taking a short trip up to see the very lovely Ayden, who I consider to be a super special friend, and who I met once before in Glasgow a couple of years back. I'm super excited to be heading up because I haven't seen much of Scotland at all, despite living close to the border for over a decade.

Packing seems to be a challenge for many people, especially for short trips, so I thought I'd do a quick peak post into my weekend bag. Oh, and it gives me a chance to shamelessly show off a few outfits and bits. Well, I am a blogger!

Packing Light Glasgow 2

Print dress, Clothing at Tesco (via #clubcardexchange) - Denim leggings, Primark - Shirt, H&M - PJ's , M&S (bottoms) & Topshop - Belt, F21 - Necklace, Unknown - Shoes, c/o Spartoo - Ring, gift - Cardigan (rolled), American Apparel - Tights (rolled), Primark

The only other thing going into the bag- my underwear, and sorry (not sorry) but you don't need to see that!

Mel Burgundy Slipper Shoe

These are my pretty new shoes. I wasn't sure about the slipper style flats when they were so huge last winter, and I know this wine colour is also super wintery, but I love the rounded toe in the Mel shoes and I also think they'll be a lot lighter against a bare leg and with the print in my dress or the check in my shirt.

Cath Kidston

This Cath Kidston bag was the gift bag for my 21st birthday present from my parents, and it turns out it's the perfect size to hold my travel wash kit and make-up bag. Sweet hey?

Chained necklace

You might recognise the dress from THIS post, I love it, simple, casual, eye catching enough to be something different. The necklace is an old one that I have rediscovered and brings a bit of statement to pretty much anything, from a simple shirt (check) to an awesome dress (check).

Spider Jewel Ring

This spider ring always gets a lot of attention, perfect to bring a daytime outfit up a level for a day out, seeing as I think Ayden and I are going to be ladies what lunch. Before anyone asks, I'm sorry- it was a gift my parents brought back from Spain.

Studded Belt and Spider Ring

The belt is F21, helpful for holding up those denim leggings, just as good for bringing in the waist on my dress. Happy days and multi-tasking. I love accessories with different metals in them, it makes it so much easier to mix and match.

The outfits, although probably obvious, you'll have to wait to wait and see after my trip, but I know there'll be a lot of people looking at this asking what if questions, like what if the weather changes? What if I change my mind about my choices? What if I just want to curl up in my PJs? Well here's how I keep my packing minimal:

1. If you're taking something new, always try the outfit you have planned on, at least twice, with your intended shoes. In an ideal world, don't wear an outfit you haven't 'worn in'. Never take something that you only wear on certain days or that makes you ever so slightly uncomfortable- you know the dress that you have to keep pulling down, the jeans you have to keep pulling up or the top with that annoying itchy label. Step away.

2. Planning makes perfect. If you don't plan what you pack, you're super likely to forget something you need (always a belt, always) but if you know you're likely to forget something, you'll probably over-pack as a contingent. I like to list the days I'm away the known or possible activities, and possible outfits. A day or so later, I like to narrow down the ones that are most flexible, the I try and and shuffle through to make sure that I have a plan, that works more than one way, that can double up in case I do something super clumsy like spill a drink.

3. Yeah, I really am that pinickity, but I don't know that many other women who can get their packing into bags that fit in the overhead shelves on a West Coast Mainline service, so credit where it's due, alright!

4. Don't over accessorise. You know those people, the ones who say 'this one dress can be worn 8 days running with just a few accessories'? Yeah, the problem with that is a. I personally prefer to wear a dress no more than twice before I wash it. b. Those accessories can take up just as much space- add in a few belts here, a scarf there, 5 pairs of shoes and 3 necklaces, and you have a (heavy) bag full. I try and aim for a one of each theory. One belt- preferably one that can be worn around both the waist on a dress or the belt loops on a pair of jeans, one statement necklace that goes with all outfits planned, and one statement ring, to interchange with the ones I will already be wearing (my usual two). Pick things you like wearing, don't bother packing those earrings that are gathering dust in a box that you never wear, or a huge belt if you regretted purchasing it but forgot to take it back. Shoes area pain, as they eat space up, but try and pick one pair that work with everything, and if you need/want a pair for an event or going out, make sure you know they're comfy, and are in good repair. New shoes, bad idea.

5. Back up plans. I *could* just take my dress, and know that I can wear it bare legged, or with tights, or whatever both days. But I'm a clumsy oaf, and I'm highly likely to spill something, or brush against something, plus a cool print is kind of wasted on a 5 hour train trip. This plan to have a back up is even easier if you wear separates, 2 bottoms and 2 tops that are totally interchangeable are super easy to roll with. In this case, I have plenty of space, and comfort wins. The shirt is super lightweight and the denim leggings are soft and easy. Oh, and none of this lot should need ironing if folded nicely and laid flat in a bag. Happy days.


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