Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Chloe Likes To Eat

From my incessant tweeting, you might know that this weekend, I headed way North to visit a super lovelyu friend, Ayden in Glasgow. We had a fabulous weekend, much food was consumed, including this lunch at the Tuillie Inn at Balloch (on the shores of Loch Lomond). Rarely have I been as pleased to satisfy a fish and chips craving.

Tuillie Inn Balloch

Ayden Tuillie Inn

Tuillie Inn Fish and Chips

Not a bad way to spend a grey and rain threatened afternoon, I'm sure you'd agree. 

The Inn itself has just had a beautiful refurd, it rotates around a maritime theme and lots of fresh colours and natural wood, which made it a lovely setting. We sat in the most beautiful light airy conservatory part of the restaurant, which was gorgeous.

I had a mega craving for Fish and Chips, and I can confirm that plate was every bit as yummy as it looks, it was the nicest piece of fish I'd had for a long time and the batter was super light and crispy. Ayden had a pretty good looking slab of Ribe Eye steak, see her happy little face just after it had arrived above.

We left supremely full (I couldn't find room for dessert, which is always a sadness to me heart) and slightly sleepy. I can confirm that the only other food to be consumed for the rest of the day happened to be popcorn and jelly beans. We're a healthy pair.

I'd certainly recommend the Tuillie Inn for a family lunch or a nice place to grab a bite. The menu was broad and had lots of British and Scottish favorites on it, to cover all appetites and wasn't so vast that it takes hours to get through. The service was exemplary- a few of the places I've eaten in London could do with a lesson from these guys. 

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Unknown said...

Yum yum! Best weekend with you lady :) xxx