Saturday, July 6, 2013


I was devastated when my beloved Kindle Keyboard 3G gave up the ghost last month. I almost shed a tear. But then my birthday happened, and I was fortunate enough to receive some Amazon vouchers from family, and some cash, so I was able to replace my Kindle. I opted for the Paperwhite 3G. Having 3G on my old one made me totally value being able to access a bookstore at any place, at any time, so it was worth it for me personally, and whilst I know many like the versalitity of Amazon's tablet offering, the Kindle Fire, I really wanted the traditional benefits of a Kindle- being able to read in bright sunlight, no back-lit screen, and awesome battery life.

Kindle PaperWhite Close

Having now had it for a few weeks, I can confirm I love it just as much as I thought I would. The clarity of the words and the lightness of the page are just awesome for me, and the light screen function means no need for a reading light at night, especially useful in my current abode, since I only have one main overhead light. I can see that once T returns, it also means I could read without disturbing him if I woke up early or if I couldn't sleep.

Kindle PaperWhite

The Paper White is quite compact, it is pretty much the same size as a Kindle Keyboard, with the keyboard cut off. There's no buttons save for the on/off switch right at the bottom, and the pages and menus work by touch screen. This size is another Kindle feature I love, since I always did hate the huge hardback books for their gargantuan size and I have silly weak arms, so holding up anything heavy for an extended period would have been a massive turn off.

Kindle PaperWhite Screen

I picked the case up from eBay and the screen protectors, since I didn't want anything super expensive. The case has turned out to be a great little bargain at £8.99 since it appears to be an official Kindle one, meaning that it snaps to the back of my Kindle perfectly, and sends it to sleep/wakes it up when I shut and re-open the cover.

Kindle Official Case

Kindle Map Case

 eBay case available HERE - eBay Screen protectors available HERE

All in all, I'm very happy. The user inteerface for the new Kindle models is much more intuitive, and although it's more computer-esque in some ways, it's definitely still an eReader, which is what I wanted. I'd highly recommend the Paper White for those looking for a Kindle which is a bit *more* than the standard, but my only complaint will be one that won't surprise. The battery life of the Paper White with its light settings, isn't quite what I'd hoped. I can get through the week of roughly an hour per day use and low light usage, but not much more.

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Maria Fallon said...

I love the case you have for this, I do love the Kindles but I'm never sure which one I would actually buy!

Maria xxx