Saturday, August 17, 2013

Princess and the Purse

I often think that a woman's purse is a bit like her handbag, in that it's very particular, and you really shouldn't ever be digging about in it, if it isn't yours. They're also quite tricky to buy, since everyone has their own needs, and I think, or certainly from my own personal experience, there's always a ghost of a purse you're trying to replace exactly, but will never quite be matched.

I recently had to replace my purse, and after some perusal, and astonishment at how much the seem to cost these days, settled on this Skunkfunk one, which lucky me, happened to be in the Spartoo sale

Skunkfunk Despite Purse Green Felt

Skunkfunk Green Despite Purse

I'd love to be one of those girls who can get away with something teeny tiny, but I'm not, and if only it was because it was bursting with money. My purse is constantly filled with money-off coupons and loyalty cards, and a whole stack of personal or medical identity cards. All the fun stuff. I like to have a small stack of my business cards tucked in there, and there are usually a few receipts floating about. Luckily, a new purse most definitely means a clear out. 

Skunkfunk Green Purse inside

This 'Despite' style comes in a few different colourways, and unfortunately this one seems to be sold out, but THIS ONE is the other colourway I was seriously considering. 

As purses go, this is pretty good- it's got lots and lots of card slots, a not slot, a zipped coin section, and space either side. The textured outside is a bit stroke-able as well, plus, it's green. What else can I say?! I also hadn't heard of Skunkfunk before, but they have some awesome looking handbags which have tickled my fancy....

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