Thursday, September 26, 2013

Black Widow

Since my boring new dress code comes into force on Tuesday, I thought I'd better start phasing in my 'neutral' coloured wardrobe and getting used to 'preferably black' shoes. This dress was a total steal from the ASOS sale when they were offering an extra 10% off, and came to about £12. A simple shift is a useful thing to have, I suppose.

ASOS shift & Lola Basic by Geox

Dress, ASOS - Lola Basic shoes - Geox c/o Spartoo - necklace, eBay

The dress came a little shorter than expected, but I'm still liking a bit of shine and sparkle to set off the slightly charcoal toned of the black, and grasping at the final warmth of the year with no sleeves.

In other news, you might have noticed some VERY excited tweeting from me earlier in the week and that is because instead of Christmas presents, my parents, my grandmother and her partner, T & I are all flying out to Leipzig for a long weekend. I lived and studied in Leipzig and I loved it. It's one of the few places I felt at home. I worked hard, partied hard, met awesome people, and über bonus, I was there for the Winter Semester which meant Weihnachtsmarkt! The German Christmas markets are renowned across Europe and Leipzig's is one of the very best.

I'll be talking more about my German plans in the coming weeks, but I wanted to leave you with this little taster for now......



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