Saturday, September 7, 2013

Saturday Sauntering

1 more week until we go on holiday, and the first whole month in our new place. T is away this weekend and I'm totally blissing out at being able to do some cooking, potter about and generally enjoy the space we live in.

It's also cooled down enough to pull on my jeans for the first time in ages. I almost just pulled on my uni hoodie and called it a day there and then, but realised I needed to go to the sorting office.

PicMonkey Collage

I hopped on my bike to head out since I'm currently trying to work some excess grease out of the ball bearings in the front axle-  of my exciting life.... On a more exciting note (more exciting to the majority of readers anyway), this black Nica handbag has been a perfect choice. Well done self, for picking wisely. It's not so huge that I can over stuff it, it has an across body strap and it has a zip closure as well as the flap over front. It's still discounted, although not as much as when I bought it, but my experience of Nica is that the cost per wear definitely equals good value. 

Jamie Jeans and Clarks Flat shoes

Topshop Jamie jeans - Topshop shirt (ancient) - Clarks Henderson Band shoes - Accessorize necklace

These Clarks shoes have been a total life saver through the warmer weather we've had this summer, especially for work, as they have a cut out but not an open toe. Even though I needed some neutral shoes at the time, I still wish I'd gone with my heart and not my head and bought the Mint Green versions. They're just so green.

On that note, seems there were lots of opinions on my post about the new dress code coming in where I work,  and I just wanted to say this- Horses for courses. I don't necessarily agree with the content of the new dress code, but I also have to work to keep a roof over my (and over T's) head, and if I have to wear black to do so, I'm sure I'll live. For some businesses, irrespective of size, but ones that are developing or expanding, having a clear point of reference is just a way of ensuring consistency.

AND shoes, clothes, whatever, because I have set me sights on having a freakin' awesome new bike, which will make the Crimson Beast look like an old lady (which, to be fair, it is). I'm sure there's only a precious few of you interested in that, but if you are one of those few, it looks a bit like this, but funked up Chloe Style (read: no pink)

Plus- I have to shout to Bangs And A Bun, who I actually met on my cycle home from work on Thursday night. I recognised her and the super friendly pup Stringer Bell. After my RAF dreams fell apart, Bangs And A Bun really inspired me to get back into being an active adult, pretty awesome to meet a legendary person in the flesh!

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Maria Fallon said...

Love this outfit and I can't wait to see your new bike :)

Maria xxx