Saturday, October 5, 2013

Hamble Oak

I'm a long time  lover of Clarks Shoes, I own more than a few pairs, and when I saw a pair that I'd had my beady eye set upon in their recent #ClarksStyle competition, I was on it. And lucky girl I am, I won, and my beautiful new shoes arrived earlier this week. I couldn't wait to wear them, so I promptly reached for them on our dress down Friday. Like so.

Clarkes Hamble Oak Brogue Shoes & Denim Shirt Dress & Slouchy Jumper 3
Denim shirt dress, eBay - slouchy jumper, eBay - Hamble Oak brogue shoes, c/o Clarks via #ClarksStyle - necklace, Primark (several years ago)

Denim Dress & Slouchy Jumper & Hamble Oak Brogues Shoes

Can we take a moment to focus on these beautiful, beautiful shoes?! 

Clarks Hamble Oak Brogues shoes

Not for everyone and a bit of a departure from my summer of converse and skater dresses, but I'm ok with that. I should also mention that despite being a stiff hoe, there are no sharp edges on the heels and the soles have the freakin' amazing Softwear cushioning in them, meaning their super comfy, no breaking in, and they feel every bit as fabulous as they look. 

I also had designs on putting these with some wine coloured ankle length skinny jeans and my amazing new jumper, but when aforementioned jeans arrived, despite being the exact same size as the same jeans I already own in blue, TINY. Put paid to that. 

Happy weekend boys and girls. I'm seeing my bestest Scot Ayden tomorrow, since she's visiting the big smoke, and with my flatmate and T we're off to the Harry Potter Studio Tour *WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE*


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Lucy said...

I love that I've found someone young who loves Clarks shoes as much as I do!! Just been scrolling through your posts and seeing that we match, I have the leopard print carousel ride (and live in them, I need to find something else to wear) and the cadiz treasure but in black. I also have Yarra Desert ankle boots, arizona sands ballet flats, a pair of black peeptoe heels and have had a few other pairs that have now died... Nobody else gets why I love Clarks so much but I have wide feet and I had to have a bone tumour removed from my toe and vowed I'd never wear shoes that didn't fit properly again! I keep thinking about the Hamble Oak but I think I might be a bit too girly to pull them off!

I like your style :-) xx