Tuesday, October 29, 2013

In The Navy

No no, there's been no change in Armed Force this close to Remembrance Day, but T & I do have another function to attend on November 11th, and it's a proper black tie affair. Major panic- new dress needed as m usual black tie dress is a bit on the small side (last worn 3 years ago....) and has no back in it, which since my skin has decided it hates me, is also a problem.

Turned out the dress was the easy bit. I struck gold when I found a BNWT dress of dreams on eBay, and a starting bid of 99p. The end result of some nervous watching and sniping was a £90 dress, for less than £9. I'm happy. The only slight.... challenge, and don't get me wrong, I bought the dress knowing this, is that the dress is blue. Inky darky navy. Beautiful, but not black. Which is the staple colour the rest of my wardrobe works around.

Finding sparkles and jewels to go with navy isn't a problem, I have plenty of serious sparkles and some proper jewellery which is no problem, this issue is shoes. I say this like a bad thing, I love shoes, but for a black tie event, I have been struggling a bit with an appropriate colour to team with navy.

PicMonkey Collage

From L-R 1. Bourne Court Shoes - 2. Moda in Pelle Court Shoes - 3. Iron Fist Court Shoes

My best guess, and a a suggestion from my flatmate is try putting metallics with the navy. Silver is my preference in terms of the sparkles I already have to sit with it, hence these beautiful beaded courts (1). They appear to have a mid heel, which is a good thing for me, but the heel is super slim, which may be as bad as something taller.

My second thought is mostly just because I love the black and glitter combo. I'm trying to work out if anyone will notice them under my floor length dress....

As for the final patriotic choice, well again, a black toned theme, but mostly shades of silver- perfect for navy, and since my even is on Remembrance Day itself, it seems rather fitting. It's quite a tall heel for me, but I have been wearing heels more and more at work, so I'm hopeful I'd be able to pull it off. They are my current front runners (well, totterers.....).

Can anyone suggest something better for a navy formal gown? I'm finding this way more tricky than my usual green, which is mostly T's fault as we would clash in his particular Regimental colours. That's my story and I'm sticking to it!

Now... for an appropriate bag....

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Alex said...

If it's any help, I'd avoid the Moda in Pelle pair. I got them and had to send them back as they're really narrow and uncomfortable.

I love the Iron Fist pair if you think you can cope in them for the whole event. Grey/silver looks amazing with navy.