Sunday, November 10, 2013

#BEDN 10 - Something Different

I almost made a video for today's tag, but decided nobody wants to see my face such as it is on a Sunday morning. So today, I want to talk about something that doesn't often appear on my blog.

This time last month....
Sandhurst, August 2013

I don't talk about T and my relationship very much on my blog. That's partly because T prefers to stay out of it and off the wider world of the internet. But it's also because I think some things are sacred, and for us, that's some of the finer details. 

But there are some things to share, and at a time where T and I feel like things are running at an even pace and that we know what we're working towards, it seems a good time to tell you why, as a serial single, why a disorganised boy who makes me want to be silly and thinks my personality is that of a feline, he makes me happy. 

Here's the thing- single, in a relationship- I'm not trying to tell you what  it is right or wrong for you, but here's why a certain someone reminds me this is right for us.... 

1. When someone tells you that the 3 'five more minutes' you've already had that morning might make you late for work, without you resenting them for making you leave the warm, cosy, comfy nest of a bed. 

2. When someone knows that you need a glass of wine  without even asking, just by looking at your facial expression when they ask 'how was your day?' 

3. When you have 'that' discussion about whether you 'need' the extra case of wine, and nobody resents each other about the budget you know you need to stick to.

4. That moment where you realise, that you're both talking nonsense, in different languages, at each other, and you both collapse in a heap laughing, because it truly can't get worse than this.... right?

5. The moment when you both realise, that all you really want, is to share every success, and to make each other even more successful by working forwards together. 

These points aren't to everyone's taste, and mine and T's relationship is not for everbody either, it's complex, and it's made of many a layer, but it's ours. For something different today, I wanted to try and show readers why I look forward to bickering about who's going to turn off the light or who is going to put the duvet cover on- *the* worst bit of changing the bed.... and best of all, why no matter how many times I call him Useless Features, he's still the only one who can make me meow in public, and get me in to the Lord Mayor's Banquet with a Lieutenant Colonel. 


Sophie in the Sticks said...

Aw, what a lovely picture of you both! I guess every relationship is completely different as I can't specially relate to your list but equally that if I were to write a list some people wouldn't relate to mine. Of course the most important thing is that each couple love one another and feel 'togetherness'.
Sweet post :) x

The Girl said...

Oh my god the arguments about changing the cover on the bed. WHY DOES HE MAKE SUCH A FUSS ABOUT IT!?

The Girl said...

Obviously by "he" I mean mine and not yours!