Thursday, November 14, 2013

#BEDN 14 - Workspace

It's quite fitting that today's topic is 'Workspace' since today marks exactly one year since I started with the company I work for. Lots has evolved in the last 12 months- I've moved, a definite upgrade in living space, I've gone from most junior in the office to accepting a promotion into management, I've started cycling and my team have moved offices too.

the problem with my workspace, is that it's not inspirational, or pretty, or even lit I can take a semi decent photo- no filter is going to make commercial furniture and strip lighting attractive. My job does not lend itself to a creative or inspirational work space, it's very much about function, and I like it that way. I'm just lucky that there are plenty of awesome things to see just outside the doors or on my journey to work, and that's what I want to show you.


London Docklands- exactly one year ago today.


City of London- The sun rays breaking through, this bit of my route always gives stunning views, especially as the sun starts to drop.


January Snow on site- I'm dreading any snow fall, this was before I took up cycling and I don't know how my road tyres will take to snow!


Canary Wharf- when the light catches the glass and metal of Canary Wharf, it almost looks like the buildings are a magnet for the brightness.

It might not be a pretty desk or a space full of inspiration, but seeing the City in varying lights and weathers is one of my favourite things, and because cycling and work are so hand in hand for me, I love that I get to see so many beautiful sunrises, sunsets, happy looking dogs, skulking cats, over-bold squirrels and people running and cycling, that it forms a little part of my work day.


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