Friday, November 15, 2013

#BEDN 15 - Favourite Folk

I could write about family or friends here, I could mention some of the blogger people I love, or tell you how awesome my work friends are. I could. But instead, I'm going to showcase these amazing people.

They remind me every day to keep trying, that there's never a good time for things to go wrong, and that good hair will get you a long way in this life.


Miranda Bailey- if nothing else for the terror inducing death stare she has, but also, the woman is super cool in every way. If I were a Dr, I'd want to be her!


How can you not love a woman who swears like a sailor on smack? I'm only up to the start of series 4 of Dexter, so forgive me if I'm behind, but I love me a bit of Deborah Morgan. She lifts the whole show.


Everybody needs an Abby Sciuto in their lives, if nothing else because the woman behind her, Pauley Parrette is super amazing, but also, Abby is 100% her own person.


Hot, mysterious, dark and troubled. Did I mention also hot? I miss Spooks, it's my favourite ever TV program, and I loved some of the other characters, but Adam is (by a super fine margin) my favourite, I was sad to see him go on his own personal self destructive personality, for the nation of course.

People are quick to slate TV and fiction, and I could go on with this post to include characters from books and plays as well, but then you'd click off the post because it would be hours of reading. Fictional characters are only as good as we make them, and however realistic or not their context, they can be an inspiration as much as those people we draw on in real life. And if that doesn't sway you, just take to Twitter next time a big TV show is running to see how divisive they can be!

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