Monday, November 18, 2013

#BEDN 18 - Anti-Bullying Week

Yesterday's topic, relax. I wish I could say I managed too, but sadly not, nevertheless, much as I'm enjoying the sentiment of #BEDN, I quite enjoyed not writing for one day at the midpoint. My blog, my rules and all that.

Today is all about anti-bullying and I want to keep it short and sweet.

Bullying can and does affect people in all walks of life, not just in schools, my own experience stems from university and you can read what I had to say on the topic HERE and HERE.

For me, the turning point has been moving on and learning to let go. After moving on to do a post-grad elsewhere and having a much more positive experience with people and places. This helped me make the positive decision that I did not want to be the young woman who was bullied.

I won't deny that being bullied impacts your personality and your character, and the insight it can give should be embraced, but deciding not to allow bullying to define you or to define your decisions might just be the biggest step towards shedding the fear of 'what if...' and 'what might they say about...' and to realising your own full potential.

Stand tall on proud this Monday folks, stand strong.

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