Tuesday, November 26, 2013

#BEDN 26 - Home Sweet Home

We're nearing the end of Blog Every Day in November, and it feels right to be talking about home, albeit for a second time. Last time, I talked about what makes a home for me, the theme being hometown, but I suppose since we're on the topic, it's good to be talking about the place I currently call home.

#london #nofilter
The City of London & Canary Wharf skyline

London is mine and T's current home and I have a love//hate relationship with the capital. Sometimes, like the weekend just passed me, I realise that it's so good to get away from the chaos and the instant nature of everything in London- not everything should be right here, right now and sometimes, just sometimes, it's good to walk not run.

Most of the time, I couldn't imagine being anywhere else. It's definitely the only place I could ever have gotten myself into cycling, and for that alone I love the city.

TFL Londodn Cycling Maps

London is the only place I could ever have the opportunity to attend some of the awesome events that I've been to this year, not least the Lord Mayor's Banquet at Guildhall- with the Commander of the Honour Guard no less.

At The Lord Mayor's Banquet Guildhall Nov 11th 2013
November 11th 2013, T&I at the Lord Mayor's Banquet, Guildhall

And London is somewhere I feel I've found a place for my own style. I'm not professing to be the next It Girl, or even that stylish, but I don't feel awkward or uncomfortable wearing things like this

#todayinwearing #wiwt ASOS dress & @clarksshoes brogues #clarksstyle
Dress, ASOS sale (old) - shoes, Clarks (competition win)

It might not seem so bold for many, but even 12 months ago, I'm not sure I would have felt as happy setting out my stall wearing bright colours and shoes that are outside of my usual ballet flat comfort zone. London's diversity means I now just crack on and I feel bolder choosing colours and prints in a way I've never done anywhere else.

London isn't a perfect city, and my corner of the East End has it's problems, but it's my corner of the country, my home, and I'm choosing to make it home SWEET home.

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