Friday, November 22, 2013

Feast Your Eyes

So in an epic fail, I totally forgot to blog yesterday, as part of the #BEDN project. So today, you're getting 2 in 1. In my defence, the vile germs in my office that I've been fending off for 2 weeks have finally caught up with me overnight, and in between the work being done to the flat, I have been trying to pack and organise and generally do for the weekend.

Yesterday was World Television Day, which left me a bit puzzled. I like TV, but I don't watch a great deal of it, mostly because we didn't have a TV for ages, so I have to actually want to watch something online, rather than it being idle background. That said, since moving in with people who have a Sky TV package, I've become hooked on something. Something terrible. And everyone is paying the price.

My name is Chloe. I like to eat. I have an addiction to food programmes.

So it was probably inevitable that with my love of eating, and a slow burning love of being in the kitchen that this day would come to pass. But having access to whole channels devoted to food programmes has been the tipping point. I have discovered Nigella in a way that I never thought possible- she makes me laugh every time, whilst cooking up awesome food and I'm a bit in love with her Express recipes- so here are my 3 favourites:

The pot pie I made for T & I for a comforting midweek wonder earlier in the week, especially since it's chilly out at the moment. Exactly what's needed after a cycle against the wind. 

Schnitzel I love, and this is on my list for next week- I will be using a rolling pin the thin out a chicken breast, and dousing in flour before frying, but the Nigella recipe is what got me thinking of it as an express meal that T & I could have on a weekend with sweet potato wedges as much as with a small handful of noodles and some broccoli on a week night. 

And Quesadillas. This is something I make a lot for a weekend lunch, but the Express version of using just one Tortilla and griddling it is much better than my previous method. SOLD! 

So speaking of food, T & I are off away this weekend to visit my grandparents- the ones who feed us endlessly, the grandfather who has a sly habit of refilling your wine glass long before it empties so you never know how much you've had to drink and/or sneaking off to pay the bill before you get a chance to split it. Ties nicely into the 'Leaving on a Jet Plane' theme, right?! 

I haven't actually seen my grandparents since Easter, when we last visited, so I'm looking forward to an epic catch up, and also taking some wintery pictures. The last couple of times we've been to their place very much in the country, it's been spring or summer, but it's just as stunning in the right winter weather.

Family lunch cheese sharing French wine
Family lunches- love big shared meals to laugh and chat over, especially when they involve a splash or 5 of French red....

Contemporary fireplace roaring fire
In love with their contemporary fireplace- the temperature can be controlled to keep the room just warm or super toasty

Kir Royale winter cocktail drinks
I also super enjoy a 1700 Kir Royale in front of said fire....

Chloe Likes To Eat cooking steak
More food, my grandmother loves the opportunity to have a really nice piece of meat since my grandfather doesn't eat meat at all. 

Maydie fortified Wine French Aydie after dinner drinks
Are you getting the food and drink theme here? This is a stunning fortified wine from the Aydie region of France. Much was consumed, and they sent us away with a bottle of our own. 

My grandparents always totally spoil us with food and drink when we visit, and as with the majority of my family, food and drink creates a focal point of coming together for us all. Most conversations are held over a dinner table, and we all love some of the fantastic regional wines that my grandfather likes to hunt out and squirrel away. They also often leave us little notes if they've gone out without waking us from what is usually a very deep sleep in the true darkness and silence that only comes from being miles from most things and people. 

Family notes handwriting

Summer breakfast on the patio Brobury House and Gardens English Summer time
Another breakfast left fr us with a little note to start our day. They too subscribe to many of my favourite things- coffee, pastry, more coffee, more pastry.... 

I'll be waddling back to London on Sunday night, I can already foresee the massive amount of extra training I'm going to have to do to work off a weekend of general laziness and no doubt plentiful wine consumption. It might be leaving on a jet plane, but I can't wait to escape away and see some of my favourite people this weekend. 

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