Monday, December 16, 2013

Fancy A Broo?

Back in November, I received this rather nice box in my office, much to the excitement of my co-workers. My team, such as they are, are well used to packages arriving for me in the office, as all my online shopping comes here, and usually that means shoes. But in this case, and it's a rare case, I was willing to share the contents of the box.

FruitBroo box

Fruitbroo has been appearing all over the place just lately- I first discovered them this summer at the Foodies Festival, and it was an instant hit. A fruit based hot drink that isn't a tea, has no added sugar and comes in an insanely good variety of flavours. What's not to like?! 

For the cooler snap we've had, a hot drink that isn't caffeinated or with any added sugar is brilliant for me, as it's the perfect winter warmer when I start to cool off at about 1030 at my desk, and I've yet to find a flavour that doesn't work with a 1600 biscuit! 

FruitBroo assorted flavours

But I already knew I loved it, the real test has been letting my team loose at it for a month. I would say that given there's one helping of Honey and Lemon and two helpings of Elderflower and Lime left, they've been a success. 

".... great alternative to tea..." was a unanimous verdict, but one team member has already purchased a few flavours as a gift for a family member, another has installed a spare Honey and Lemon in his desk for emergencies (otherwise known as cold and flu season) and not one person in my office couldn't find a flavour to love. 

These are versatile little drinks too. In the summer, Peach, Pear and Honey flavour was just stunning piled high with ice, and on a day that I forgot to add cinnamon to my porridge, Apple, Ginger and Spice was the much needed lift from blandness. 

There are lots of drinks products on the market, but I think FruitBroo are the only thing I've come across that I've been so genuinely enthused by, and I was super pleased to see my team go for it too. If you like the look of FruitBroo, you can BUY ONLINE or purchase from Sainsbury's. 

**Product sent to me for review. All new, views and reviews are my own.**

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