Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Not A Month In Pictures

December had a very quiet start on my blog and my Twitter feed was so full of tumbleweed that I think a couple of people wondered what had happened in Chloe Land...

Things got worse when some utter /d\zj/,sdjrfg;i***************** stole my phone from my rucksack and I had a total kerfuffle trying to get my replacement. In the end I was able to persuade the phone people into giving me an upgrade for my troubles, and when it did finally arrive with me, I can't say I was sorry to rejoin the world of Instagram and oversharing! 

I think Karma was showing her face though- the same day that my phone was nicked, I received an email from the lovely people at Shopcade to tell me I'd won a prize- a £200 giftcard for House of Fraser. Much needed respite from the rage caused by much mentioned phone theft. 

Luckily for me, the rest of December has really been rather good. I decorated mine and T's bedroom for the festive period thanks to Marks and Spencer, then had a chat about sustainable decorating:

Chloe Likes To Talk Marks and Spencer Christmas Room

I got my sweat on in December, despite a wobbly start, I managed to break down some of my speed barriers on my bike and got to grips with some decent winter kit thanks to the Fashionably Fit campaign being run by Sportsshoes.com.

100% Be Pretty On Rest Days but Nike are killing it and my new base layer and leggings and cosy too are freakin amazing.

I also got to go back to a city I love, a place I lived and studied and somewhere I've always felt at home- Leipzig. My parent's gift to myself, T, my Grandmother and her partner was for the 6 of us to have a few days in Leipzig and we certainly made the most of visiting the Christmas Market, eating some fabulous food and soaking up Germany in the run up to Christmas. We all managed to snag a current year Glühwein mug, so upon our return, my Dad has been trying to recreate some of the different types of Glühwein we tried at the Leipziger Weihnachtsmarkt

Fröhliche Weihnachten Leipziger Weihnachtsmark Leipzig Germany Christmas

I gifted myself a couple of new books in Germany. I do love some crime fiction and it's always nice to try a few different authors I would get at home...

Thomas Enger Vergiftet Roman German Novels Crime fiction

And then Christmas has come upon us. T & I spent the week visiting our various families and enjoying a bit of down time.

Chloe Likes To Talk Family Christmas
Family jokes - flat fenland - our dopey Fresian Spaniel - lazy Saturday mornings in a very comfy bed - Glühwein & cat slippers - Mum & I trying to keep track of our wine glasses - stunning Christmas cake made by T's dad, Dad & T engrossed in technology - Das Kaetzchen

And now it's almost New Year. I have my customary excitement for a fresh year and what can be achieved, topped off with a pleasant dose of reflection on the year passed. I have lots of things in my head for 2014, and I hope that it will be another year of getting things done. But on a more short term basis, it's all about the steak I have ready for tonight and the cheese I intend to scoff with all the lovely homemade pickles and chutney we were gifted by family this Christmas. Happy New Year 2014 and fond farewells for 2013. I will be spending New Year as I have done every year for the last few- with people I love, wishing everyone positive thoughts for the year and challenges ahead.

Happy New Year. 

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