Thursday, January 23, 2014

Reflections on Home

When we did this back in August, I really really hoped it would be the last time for a little while. 10 times in 6 years is enough for anyone!

10 moves in 6 years means I have packing down to an art.

Presently I find myself in home limbo, not really knowing what's going to happen come mid-February with the flat I share with not just T, but another couple in the East End. It isn't a perfect flat by a long stretch, but I like it. I like where it is, and hope very much I won't have to do a house move again until 2015.

But amidst the uncertainty currently hanging above our home, I have found myself reflecting heavily on the sense of home, and what home can mean- something I did cover loosely back in November (read all about that HERE) and in some respects, not that much has changed.

I believe strongly that home is where you make it- for me that's been everywhere from dingy flat shares in Toulouse to sprawling properties in Leipzig to Victorian town houses in the Lake District. Houses for me, are not emotional. They are flawed in so many ways, and whilst they can be wonderful, ultimately they are boxes I put my stuff in. But we all have to have a roof over our head, and my biggest lesson this year (so far...) is:

You don't know how important something is until someone starts threatening to take it from you.

True that! Having had the threat looming of being forced to move from a place that T & I picked, that we like living in and where we based our plans for the coming 12 months on, well first it made me upset and emotional. Then it made me sad. Then it made me rage-y. How dare someone threaten the security that we have worked so hard for, that we place some much importance upon?

And it wouldn't have mattered if it had been a multi-million pound mansion in Chelsea or some of the pokier places I've occupied in the less salubrious bits of the East End, if it's your home that you choose to live in, that's the security and the faith we place upon the word home. Home is a value worth protecting, and worth fighting for.

And, of course, home is where the pretty shoes and dresses live....

#todayimwearing Vila dress, Geox flats and my cat scarf. Pushing the dress code boundaries with a pattern AND colour.
Dress- Vila via ASOS sale, scarf- Topshop (old), black flat shoes, Geox via Spartoo

Shiny new dress alert. If I manage to leave my office at any point in daylight, I'd quite like to do an outfit post, but mostly, I'm arriving and leaving in at the very least semi darkness. I'm also cycling more than ever and using a gym at present, and loving it, but it does mean I seem to spend most of my down time like this:

Really enjoyable ride this morning, wind isn't too horrific and the sky was a beautiful pre sunrise red. #fixiegirl #london #cycling

And I'm now thinking that since I wear them so much, it's definitely the time to think about expanding my collection of trainers beyond my sole pair of Nike Frees and sole pair of converse.

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