Thursday, March 13, 2014

Chloe Likes To Eat

One of the many joyous things about visiting my parents is being cooked for by dad. The only problem is that however simple the dish, his version is always loads better than mine.

This particular weekend he was having a bit of a retro moment, and 2 courses of 3 came in glasses...

Starter in glass retro prawn cocktail
Starter in a glass- underneath the rocket there's a prawn and avocado cocktail thing. V tasty.

But the one I really wanted to show off was dessert, and that's mostly because I intend to make as many variations as I can conjour.

Mango yoghurt ginger ale jelly dessert
Mango & Ginger Dessert

See above- died mango, natural yoghurt with vanilla seeds, topped with ginger beer jelly . And very tasty it was too. Now granted, I won't be tarting too much up with handmade jelly any time soon. But- this dessert would be just as awesome on a school night with some frozen berries, natural or flavoured yoghurt and perhaps even a little (not handmade) jelly if I were to be super organised...

Revolutionary? No. But a bit of needed inspiration for a sweet treat it definitely is. And sometimes, inspiration is definitely the necessary thing. Like everyone I think, I get hugely stuck into cooking and eating the same things.

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