Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Heels and Handlebars

Sometimes it feels like the cycling bit of my life and the rest of it don't sit naturally. On a daily basis I take myself from this...

Hell yeah!

Although, how freakin awesome are these AnaNichoola tights? They're FLEECE lined. And I'm still in love my Nike trainers as the day they landed....


To this- not quite polished and poised but it's definitely more office fixed desk than fixie girl.

But one thing that is enduring through this off period at the moment where I try and work out how to integrate all this stuff into on Chloe is shoes. And currently, there's 2 pairs (ok, more than that, but for now....) high up my lust list....

Because just like I pick my heels to match my mood, I'd like to select my trainers too. These black beauties are more Nike Frees-because they're just so damn comfy. My other big love? Super easy to pull on with jeans as they are for a ride!

Clarks Chorus Voice and Nike Free 3.0 Spartoo Shoes

And I already own a pair of this style of heels by Clarks, but who could resist this beautiful blue for the summer months? I don't think I can, especially since I know they are the comfiest heels I've ever owned.

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