Sunday, March 2, 2014

My Week On 2 Wheels - February In Review

Another week done, and we're now a whole 2 months, 1/6 into 2014.

Cycling wise, February has evened out into a bit of a 'mnieh' month with some awesome highs but some pretty low mileage. My aim for the month was 250KM and I ended on recording 218KM and I squeezed another cheeky 8 in when I didn't take my phone out after work too. So yeah, a bit of a fail there.... bit like this....

No idea how I got so much bike oil/grunge all over me. It's a beautiful dry sunny day....
I really really have no idea how I got this much bike grunge all over my foot.... It was a beautiful, dry, sunny day!

Luckily there have been plenty of exciting things to make up for my slightly lacking distance. Not least that I've been selected as the Cyclescheme Super Commuter for London and the South East which not only entails reviewing some cool new kit, but gives me an opportunity and a platform to talk about and encourage cycling- doesn't sound like me at all right?! As the first challenges are coming through, forgive more than a little excitement.

I also did some reviews in February, in particular this one on sports bras

Marks and Spencer Sports Bra Leopard Grey Pink Black

Mmmmmmhm. I went there.

So that was my week and month on 2 wheels,and now it's onwards with March. I'm on another challenge to hit 300KM in March, not least because the weather will hopefully improve some but also because I have me some training to do. Yeah, I signed myself up to cycle London-Cambridge in April with the Breeze Network (Sky's women's cycling network). All encouragement and advice welcome at this point since I'll be riding my little single speed. And if anyone, y'know, wants to give me a road bike since I'm now desperate to have one as well as my beloved Foffa, I'm right here!

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