Friday, April 25, 2014

Chloe Likes To Eat

Food, glorious food. As the weather starts to change, so do the kinds of food we eat but also the kind of things we crave. At the moment, it's all about the warm salads and simple grilled proteins.

Warm spinach & cous cous salad w/ lemon, honey & chilli dressing and lemon pepper salmon fillet

This is another cous cous salad with shredded spinach, diced red pepper and a chilli, lemon and honey dressing. Oh and that beautiful thing perched on top is salmon fillet, pan fried in lemon juice and black pepper.

Pan fried in lemon juice and pepper, salmon fillet and warm salad.
I'm sexy and I know it.... 

The following feeds about three and as with most of my kitchen destructions, you can switch pretty much anything out for whatever you happen to have in your own fridge. This type of salad is often a bit of a use up of half bits of pepper or the end of a bag of spinach.

80g of cous cous into a large bowl

Grab a measuring jug, shake in dried chilli flakes to taste, a good squeeze of  or a teaspoon of honey, 2 tablespoons of lemon juice (or to taste), a teaspoon of fresh ginger puree or a decent shake of dried ginger and a vegetable stock cube and top mixture up to 240ml

Stir your liquid until stock is dissolved and then pour into bowl with cous cous, cling and leave for 20 mins or until liquid has most absorbed

Shred/slice a decent handful of spinach, dice 1 red pepper and stir through cous cous

If like me, you enjoy things a little saucy (oooh er) the following can be made in a jam jar and stored in the fridge for rough 1 week

Into a jam jar: 
a splash of sesame oil
a generous squeeze of lemon juice (juice of roughly half a lemon or so) 
a small dash of soy sauce
a shake of chilli flakes
a teaspoon or generous squeeze of honey


The salmon was pan fried, a tiny tiny splash of olive oil, three times as much lemon juice and a generous shake of black pepper went into the pan asit was brought to a medium high heat, then the salmon went straight in.

These kinds of more spring summer foods are some of my favourites, they're very simple, they're very quick and if like me, you have a thing for overdoing carbs, this is a good way to keep them in moderation with plenty of fresh. The whole meal took about 20-25 minutes to make- including the time it took the cous cous to absorb, which I don't think is too shabby.

Happy eating everybody.


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