Thursday, April 3, 2014

Lady Grey

I like grey a lot, especially for work, it often makes a pleasant change from the starkness of black, my regular colour to fit out hyper strict dress code.

I picked this dress and the suit jacket up with a House of Fraser gift card that I won just before Christmas- the dress was an impulse purchase, since what I was really desperate for was anew suit jacket, and preferably one that fit me. Jackets are a nightmare for me, as the often come up super long on me. I totally scored lucky since this jacket was half price in the sale at £60. 

Chloe Likes To Talk James Lakeland dress & Halhuber suit jacket work wear

In many respects, the jacket is a jacket- plain black, single button, nothing too revolutionary, but getting one short enough was a nightmare, and I got lucky on a perfect fit with this one! 

Chloe Likes To Talk James Lakeland grey printed dress

Chloe Likes To Talk James Lakeland grey printed dress & Clarks shoes

The dress have been a bit of a love item- perfect length, perfect half sleeves, perfect details on the waist line, and a damn good fit. Oh, and you can see my go-to-favouritest-ever-Clarks heels in this picture too. I have lived and died in these over the winter months, but since the beautiful cobalt blue version of them isn't available in my size, I'm now on the hunt for new Spring/Summer work appropriate replacements. I reckon that Geox have got it going on at the moment with some gorgeous neutrals and navy blue.

I'm finding 'Spring' such a pain to dress for between shoes and clothes that keep me comfortably warm in the chilly mornings without me overheating by mid-afternoon, especially in some of the less salubrious meeting rooms I've been in lately. It is times like this, I wish it was legit to just remain in my cycling tights and technical tops all day- temperature control at it's very best.

Ana Nichoola Star Tights #womenscycling

Star print tights- I don't think reminding the General Manager that they're black is going to mean I get away with it somehow....

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