Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Urban Playground

Sometimes, just occasionally, I find myself in the right place at the right time. And that's exactly how I ended up at the new Mountain Warehouse store in Fulham last week. Mountain Warehouse is a brand I know, living in the Lake District for many years, it's impossible to not know who they are, but I was in for a treat and a surprise with their latest endeavours.

Mountain Warehouse #urbanplayground Womens Activewear

In response to the rising numbers of us in the big bold cities who are getting our sweat on, Mountain Warehouse have released their own brand of active wear. I wasn't sure what I'd find upon hearing this, but I have to admit that this was one of the most enjoyable events I've been to in a very long time and one of the most surprising brands I've ever had the pleasure to explore. 

The picture above is the current season active wear range for women- base layers, sports bras, jackets, tights, yoga tops and pants, and all kind of accessories. All in interesting, fresh, youthful colours, all with a high technical specification, all at a sensible price point. 

New Season Moutntain Warehouse Men & Women #urbanplayground

The above is some of the shiny new season stock due to land in stores (and online) within the next month and ongoing and it was really very impressive. Water resistant hoodies?! One thing that is abundantly clear is that neither style nor substance have been made the prevalent option, nor has either been compromised. 

As a range, there's plenty of colour, some flattering styles and a really good range of sizes for all the items but everything I looked at, touched, was told about has a great technical spec. One thing I have learned the hard way from becoming more active, is that although nobody should be judging you for whatever you're choosing to wear to work out in, properly designed sports kit does actually make a massive difference and it really helps. Fabrics that 'wick' away the sweat and that help you to regulate your temperature can make all the different to your comfort and therefore how much you do or maybe don't enjoy something. 

Oh, did I mention they let us loose on the store?! 

Mountain Warehouse #urbanplayground
That's right. I got try some of these pretty awesome looking pieces. The base layer in the picture is possible the lightest weight I've ever found, which is a joy as I find often they're far too weighty to be comfortable underneath things. But, since I'm a very lucky girl and got to take it away with me, I'll save the reviews for next week. 

The trainers above are designed for the 'barefoot' style running experience- they feature some pretty exclusive parts and I'm loving the purple and grey for a muted and not too girly colour scheme. They run in sizes 4-8 and I'd quite like to see how they compare to my Nike Frees. I like a more flexible trainer for cycling so I can bend my feet, and as awesome as my Frees are, they're starting to look like they would benefit from not being used every single day. Any excuse to buy shoes. 

So- long (if enjoyable) story short- Mountain Warehouse, a place I'd never usually go, have produced some of the nicest and most technical active wear I've seen in a long time that costs well under £50 per item. I also have to commend the staff from the Fulham store, who could have been more engaged, more friendly and more interested in talking with us all. I find sports shops can be super intimidating, but it was well worth a trip to West London to speak with people who were happy to help. 

You can check out the active wear range on the Mountain Warehouse website HERE and they also have a blog full of their news and updates which is well worth a read HERE.

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