Friday, May 23, 2014

On Inspiration & Fraud

After a couple of years not really doing a good job of being a 'fashion' blogger, I made a conscious decision that Chloe Likes To Talk would not be categorised as fashion, beauty, lifestyle or food, at least not entirely and that I would blog about whatever it was that was current for me. It's format I like, and that a few hundred of you seem to like too. At present, cycling and general fitness type posts are appearing a lot as cycling has become a major hobby and source of enjoyment for me, and it's also meant a significant reevaluation on how I feel about myself, my body and how I treat it, so there's been a fair bit of that stuff too. But. There's always a But with that big old capital 'B'.

I'm not a fitness blogger. Not just because I don't want to pigeon hole my blog, but because the reality of my life, maybe it isn't what you think. I've never intended to mislead anyone, it's just what happens to be filling my social media feeds and fueling my blog posts right now. And after reading the wonderful Sally's post about Instabollocks, and some of the truly wonderful comments I've seen lately, I thought it maybe was time for a little dose of reality on this here platform.

Chloe Likes To Talk #womenscycling #rapha kit
Pretending? Recent Instagram posts of some of my favourite cycling kit

You see, I've had a number of comments lately, truly awesome from fabulous people, saying that my cycling or the shift in how I view my body are inspiring to them. And it is lovely, but it leaves me feeling a little fraudulent because whilst I'm happy (mostly) and I do cycle all the kilometers I say I do, and cook all the food I say I cook, and mostly feel as I've written I feel, but I also like to eat KitKats as well as the salads which I really do eat 9 (working) days of 10 for lunch. I have days where I ride home and feel like pitching my bike off a rail bridge because the wind is so strong it makes cycling miserable and whilst I might use the #fitchicks tag because my post or picture pertains to something fitness related, I'm actually about 5kg overweight because I'm fond of a bottle of wine rather than just a glass and I can't run for the bus because it cripples my left knee.

Happy fucking Friday. #fuckofffriday #fuckitfriday
Most likely accessory for my Friday night... and Saturday... and often Wednesday... and Thursday

If any of my posts have made a reader think twice about how much fun it can be to ride a bike, or how much more interesting than lettuce a nutritionally balanced salad can be, then I'm pleased. I write my blog because I enjoy it and because I want to share things, and living my life in a way that promotes being active and eating a balanced but tasty diet is important to me. But if you came here looking for someone who is extraordinary, who might run the marathon next year or who is going to be held up as a shining example of, well, anything.... you're in the wrong place.

Well that's my afternoon sorted- he knows me so well!
I never said salad was the only constituent part of my lunch

I'm sure there are lots of people who would wonder why on earth I bother if I'm not inspired to be the best or inspiring others to be better, but the truth is that whilst looking in the mirror occasionally makes me wince, and not managing within 60 seconds of a QoM on Strava sometimes frustrates me, I choose to let go of these things in favour of enjoyment in things that bring small or even great joy to my life, whatever the level, ability or sensibility of those things.

And I'm ok with that.


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