Thursday, May 29, 2014

What I Wore: Peep Toes

I've been waiting an age to get these out, I bought them last autumn and stashed them away as naturally, the day after they arrived autumn made a hasty departure.

I have deliberately NOT mentioned the brand name on leopard print beauties earlier in the post, because it's one people have strong preconceptions and opinions on, but this is what happens when you filter your search by style. I knew I wanted peep toe flats, and these just happened to be there, calling my name. They are in fact made by.... Crocs.

Crocs Carlie leopard print peep toe flat shoes
Crocs Carlie 

They are no longer available ion this colour from Spartoo, but they are available in this lovely Espresso colour and I have my eye firmly on some of the sandal style flats from the range too for a perfect summery solution

I've never worn Crocs of any kind before, but I thought this as good a time as any to try them since I loved the look of the shoe and I'm not disappointed. The uppers are a matte version of whatever they're made of, so they don't look too much like jelly shoes, which I'm not a fan of (I didn't own them as a child in the 90's and I've no desire to do so now), the sole is really supportive and best of all, they don't make my feet hot or stick at all AND they fit like a dream with no rubbing or chaffing or blisters. On the winning side....

Denim Chambray shirt dress & peep toe flat shoes

Pulled on for a casual weekend visit to my crazy Aunts in North West London, they are a pretty perfect spring staple whilst it's a little... changeable outside but they're also up high on my list of things to pack for my impending holiday (less than two weeks to go *happy jig*) as they'll be great with a strappy sundress to wander off out for a coffee or lunch.

Shoes, Crocs - Dress, eBay last year

Also, can we just get a side note on how ridiculously long my hair has suddenly become? I don't often see a back view of it, but I truly hadn't realised how crazy long it was.

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