Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Chloe Likes To Eat: FruitBroo Iced Tea

I have a long time love for FruitBroo as an alternative to caffeinated drinks. When I first came across them last year, I had a go at making iced tea with them myself, so I was pretty happy when an email popped in to tell me that FruitBroo have released new Iced Tea packs and they wanted me to give them a go.

I made some super yummy iced tea with the original FruitBroo last summer by making up the mix with hot water and waiting on it to chill. The iced tea is much simpler- add 2-3 teaspoons to a 50:50 split of ice and cold water, drink. But when thinking about ice and cool summer flavours, I thought it might be fund to give something else a try...
I went there. I made FruitBroo ice lollies!

I made up 400ml of ice tea using 4-5 teaspoons (I was free pouring....) using cold water, these are the Lime & Elderflower flavour with fresh mint from my garden (2-3 leaves per lolly). Freeze overnight and enjoy!
Not bad huh?!
Next, some more fruity combos with my favourite peach and honey variant.

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