Thursday, June 12, 2014

Holiday Essentials: The Beauty Edit

I blogged earlier in my trip about my holiday essentials, but left out anything beauty related. I always think it's fun to nosey in other peoples' wash bags and make-up bags, so here's a peek at a few of my must-packs for a sunshine trip.

Body Shop Body Butter & Body Scrub sweet lemon pink grapefruit
Body Scrub & Butter, The Body Shop

I have a long time love for the Bodyshop's body scrubs and butters, if nothing else because whilst you can match the fruits, you can also shake it up. I love grapefruit followed by sweet lemon- just the right balance of sharp and sweet. On a serious note, if you want your tan to stick around after your return-from-holiday-blues, exfoliate before, during and after your holiday. Don't think, just scrub. And moisturise.

And on the subject of exfoliating... Natural sponges are available in the UK, but seem disproportionately expensive whenever I see them. I became hooked on them as a gentle way to exfoliate when living in Spain, and they cost from 40c to €2 depending on size and supermarket you buy them from. I'm down to the last of my stash, so there's a much needed stock-up going on right now.

Neal & Wolf Harmony intensive condition hair care
Neal & Wolf Harmony Conditioner, available HERE

This is my all time favourite conditioner. After being sent some for review by Neal & Wolf, I've purchased it myself a good number of times. The scent is fantastic- a bespoke scent created for them, and a great conditioner which always leaves my hair soft and shiny. At home I only wash my hair every 3rd day where possible, so I do use this conditioner every wash. I've never noticed a problem with product build-up, so I'm using this in a bid to try and stop chlorine and sunlight drying the ends of my hair. 

Boots No7 Beautiful Skin day cream normal or oily skin SPF 15
Boots No7 Beautiful Skin Day Cream for Norma/Oily Skin, available HERE

Traditional sun protection often irritates my skin or causes me to break out, so when I discovered that my daily moisturiser (available HERE, always wait until there's a 3 for 2 offer, as they happen so frequently you'd be mad to pay full price) has 5 star UVA protection at SPF 15 is quite something. I actually use this on my shoulders and chest as well, places that are also sensitive to traditional sun protection and where oil-free solutions are needed. 
*Disclaimer* SPF15 is really quite low. I'm fortunate to be tolerant to the sun, and I have other personal reasons for not choosing a higher SPF that are not safety related. You should always seek advice on sun protection, and SPF30-50 would likely be a more expected level of SPF for a climate such as the one I'm currently enjoying. 

ELF Cosmetics mineral lip tint and lip balm
E.L.F. Mineral Lip tint and tinted Lip Balm

I just don't wear make-up when I'm on holiday. Which is why even if I wanted to, I'd never make much of a beauty blogger. If we're going out for dinner, I might slick on some of this E.L.F. mineral lip tint available HERE and there may also be a brief encounter with this mineral bronzer (no shimmer in it FYI, it's a 'dupe' for the Bare Minerals Warmth) also from E.L.F. and available HERE, but that's it. And it really is the only time I bother to do more than cleanse, tone, moisturise or exfoliate. It's great for luggage allowance and the combined total of my make-up would not need an insurance claim if my baggage went walk about which is something that often springs to mind when I see lists of products used for a look.


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