Sunday, June 22, 2014

Honey, I'm Home

Somewhat regrettably, we landed back from 2 beautifully sunny, restful and relaxed weeks on the Costa Del Sol on Friday. It was pretty much everything I needed in that I had minimal internet acces, lots of sun, swimming and Spanish wine, a healthy dose of Kindle reading and generally a bit of a break from real life. Blissful.

We didn't do anything wildly exciting or exploratory or adventurous, but here's my mini photo diary for our holiday.
Coffee to make up for my 0400 start. Thank you Cafe Rouge for making it pretty

We did quite a lot of eating....

Pil Pil prawns from a restaurant favoured by my parents who visit the area regularly

First night- my favourite kind of food....

We also did a fair amount of wine drinking....

New favourite wine... €3 a bottle...

Did someone say....WINEOCLOCK?

We also made a couple of beautiful new friends.....

This guy head butted us if we stopped fussing him...

But it's this guy who really stole my heart. He started on T's sun lounger and by the end of our trip, he was visitng for cuddles on my lap each evening

I got to wear a few favourites that only seem to come out for holidays these days.

Favourite sun dress from Spanish shop Stradivarius, 2010

An old faithful Nica handbag- Alicia satchel, c. 2012

And then we had to come home. Cue sad faces and back to reality. On the plus side even the cabin crew thought my tan was impressive. Happy days. Until next time holidays.


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