Thursday, June 26, 2014

On Simplicity

When catching up with one of my bestest ever blogger friends, Ayden recently, I came to a conclusion. Standing next to someone who basically embodies the word 'individuality', I am basically the worlds most boring dressed person. I like simple, I like a pared down colour scheme, I like small details to make my basics shine and I hate fuss, the unfamiliar and anything that makes me stand out too much.

After a truly lovely day about Carnaby street with aforementioned favourite, I found myself wondering if I should try and like all the pineapple prints on offer or if I might look ok in a crop top. But waking up the next morning and pulling on an outfit that I'm sure many would feel un-blog-worthy or desperately uninteresting I kinda realised- I like simple and simple isn't bad. Outfit in question....

Chambray Shirt dress & Peep Toe Shoes
More details on the dress and the shoes HERE

Here's the thing about 'boring'- it can be very easy, and it makes me happy because I'm rarely uncomfortable. I don't feel that I have to be bigger, bolder or better just to carry off what I'm wearing before I even think about whatever else I'm doing/presenting/imparting. This is not cutting edge fashion, and being surrounded by brands, celebrities, dress like XYZ posts, inspiration via Instagram/Pinterest, blogs and shops all the time can bombard you with all these new ideas and new trends and it can be a bit bewildering and I think it makes many women put more pressure than necessary on themselves to dress in ways that they might not really feel like. Thing is, I've seen many a woman in jeans and blouse who looks as stylish as someone wearing a pineapple printed playsuit.

For me, it's less about boring, more about simplicity. And by the way, there's a shed load of benefits to simplicity. For one thing, I hate the idea of owning anything other than my winter coat, that can't be worn only at certain times of the year, the chambray shirt dress is great example of how something simple can cover 20 degrees of temperature....

Clarkes Hamble Oak Brogue Shoes & Denim Shirt Dress & Slouchy Jumper 3
Chambray dress as above, Hamble Oak Brogues c/o Clarks via Twitter competition

Oh, and details. I have learned to love little details on classic favourites like a simple pair of everyday heels...

Black widow as ever for work, but these shoes still feel effortlessly elegant no matter how many days I wear them.
Clarks Chorus Voice available in a variety of colours/fabrics HERE

And keeping everything else simple means handbags like this get the attention they deserve...

Chloe Map Atlas Print Handbag
Bag, eBay. Similar available HERE.

As do super cool bits of jewellery...

Spider Jewel Ring
Ring, gift

Oh, and by the way, packing is an absolute breeze when you know you can take a single cosy cardigan/jacket and it goes with your jeans, both tops and the dress in there. My colour palette tends to revolve around black with shades of green or burgundy to brighten things up and I have a fondness for leopard print shoes as the only colour they don't seem to go very well with is grey.... Not everyone's version of versatile, but I wouldn't be without them...

Jeffrey Campbell Spiked flat shoes leopard print and gold
Shoes, Jeffrey Campbell via Office on eBay, similar available here

Simple would be called boring by many. I will (thankfully) never ever be asked to stop for a streetstyle photographer and I'm not about to be anyone's inspiration or pin-up any time soon. But accepting that dressing simply in clothes I like and that suit me have been a big turning point in my life- being comfortable in your own skin is important and sometimes, it's good to know what you like and like what you know.

On simplicity- if that means boring, so be it it, but sign me up!

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