Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Chloe Likes To Eat: A Little Weekend Treat

This weekend just gone I zipped up to visit my parents. For reasons that will become clear in the coming weeks, I had a fair bit of chatting do with them, and a visit to my parents also always means lots of good food and often a glass (or five) of wine too (see my birthday for reference...). This weekend was another special treat, having ditched the hound for a haircut, we headed out for lunch.

Warm roasted cashew with slat, pepper & chilli. The Anchor Sutton Cambs

Fresh bread. The Anchor, Sutton, Cambs

Any meal that starts with carbs AND still warm cashew nuts is fine by me. As with most good service, the staff at The Anchor, Sutton were happy to let us order these 'Pre-Dinner' nibbles whilst we deliberated the menu.

Fresh bread with butter & oil starter. The Anchor, Sutton, Cambs

I love bread. Really I do- soft, comforting, with the protective crunchy crust....

On to main courses. We all had issues deciding on main courses, mostly because we all felt a bit spoiled for choices. Whilst the (regularly) changing menu came out as an A4 sheet of paper, there were at 10-12 starters and 8-10 mains from which to choose. I kept it classic, as did my mum with haddock and chips. Often a great test of the basics. The Anchor is gastro pub in styling and their saturday lunch menu, although more aimed at pub classics, is certainly well styled with a additions such as a rather good looking haloumi salad I saw wending it's way to another table and the sea bass which my dad demolished and is picture below.

haddock & chips with pea purée. The Anchor, Sutton, Cambs

Haddock & Chips with Pea Puree. The Anchor, Sutton, Cambs

Seabass main course. The Anchor, Sutton, Cambs

I had been warned to leave room for dessert, which is pretty high praise coming from my mum. She's generally into her savoury courses but even she recommended the desserts. It's clear that The Anchor have a passionate and talented pastry chef in their kitchen, since the dessert menu and desserts themselves were most definitely the highlight of the day. We opted to share two desserts between three of us....

Broken Banoffee Pie dessert with banana chips. The Anchor, Sutton, Cambs.
Broken Banoffee Pie- Pound cake, caramel/toffee sauce, caramelised banana, banana chips, whipped cream & coconut ice cream

Not only beautiful but really really delicious. The banoffee pie was a real departure from the norm for my mum and I, neither of us are usually fans, but the sparsely added cream and the unusual pound cake base topped with banana that still had some bite was perfection. Sweet without being sickly and a whole world of great flavours. The coconut ice cream was an especial highlight as it had flaked coconut running through and such a great, strong coconut flavour.

Chocolate Delice with White Chocolate Snow, Mango Ice Cream & pistachio. Dessert. The Anchor, Sutton, Cambs.
Chocolate delice, white chocolate snow, mango ice cream and a pistachio cream

My dad had me at advantage on this one, since he'd had it before, but no less lovely for it. A perfect sized portion of very rich delice and the mango not too sickly to cut through the richness. In my opinion, the 'snow' was more style than substance as it lacked flavour and didn't add much, but it neither did it take away from anything which leaves the 'pistachio'. We're all quite sure it was supposed to be pistachio something (the green on the plate) and whilst very tasty.... it tasted suspiciously almond-y. Like marzipan almost. It was lovely, but between the three of us, we struggled to remember or work out exactly what it was.

Not a bad way to spend a wet Saturday afternoon in Cambridgeshire, I can assure you. Helped down with this...

Puglian Chardonnay. The Anchor, Sutton, Cambs


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