Thursday, October 23, 2014

Hard Day's Night

Well. It's been a bitch of a month. I always knew launching a new company wasn't going to be easy, but travelling the length and breadth of the country and ending up in hospital within the last 30 days have not really helped my cause here.

Keeping it classy celebrating my uncle's 70th birthday
Classy as ever- wine in a tooth mug...

I shouldn't be bitching too hard about the travel. At the end of the month I ventured up to Hexham to celebrate a family 70th birthday party. It would be fair to say that this contingent of my family know how to party hard and so subsequently, T & I found ourselves with raging hangovers the following day, having been not quite the last ones standing at 0130. Unfortunately my Aunt & Uncle who hosted the bash were less than satisfied with the food provided, and truth be told, neither were we. Hungover and hungry is not a winning combination!

Unfortunately we had a funeral to go to exactly one week later which meant I remained working away from home for a week longer than expected. Nobody does board meetings like we do...

Board meeting debris
Currently trying to work out if we can legitimately hold an AGM in Barbados next year.... 

Finally back in London after almost 6 weeks away, I was greeted with a broken washing machine and an oven that wasn't working but that finally burnt out last night (send help... or vodka), and a huge change in seasons. Last time I was home for more than a few hours, I was still riding my bike in sleeveless baselayers and shorts and drying laundry outside.

Autumn cycling- all about @endura #supercommuter kit and new bikes
Autumn riding- back in hi-viz

Needless to say the ever shorter days and shall we say damp conditions have left no doubt that it's time to be back in my hi-viz jacket and there's a waterproof cover permanently attached to my rucksack. Oh, and the clothes airer is out from under the bed. I'm quite enjoy being back in my favourite biker jacket and jumpers but not so much that it's ok for my braid to leave it's own wet patch on my clothes....

Having finally gotten my head around the change in seasons, the war going on in my flat (trust me, don't ask) and the total drought of chefs we seem to be experiencing in London, I am kind of getting my head together. Or at least I was...

Yes, yes this is exactly how I wanted to spend my Saturday night.
Saturday night and I like the way you move.... 

Yeah, after not being able to keep even water down, I caved and allowed myself to be dragged to A&E last week, where it turns out I had some kind of gall bladder infection. Me being me, I trundled home with my antibiotics after some serious IV painkillers and other assorted drugs thinking it was nothing, only to end up back in hospital all weekend. Yeah, turns out gall bladder infections don't just go away and when they don't it can be quite serious. Oh, did I mention the day after being finally let out, I had to have my wisdom teeth removed as well?!

I have lost almost 4kg in the last 7 days, mostly thanks to not being able to eat for the latter half of last week followed by an almost entirely liquid diet this week. I can't have wine and I also can't have dairy 2 hours either side of my antibiotics which basically rules out ice cream at any sensible time. On the plus side...

Mmmm. Dinner.
All the drugz

The solids I do get to inhale do at least have some decent qualities.

In short, I've had a busy month that ended with an especially shitty week and it's not made me miserable, I just feel a bit ground down by it all now. Lucky for me, there's a man who knows that cats, especially BIG stripey ones make it all better. T is taking me to see the tiger cubs at London Zoo this weekend as a 'please get better, stop being so pissed at life and don't make me come visit you in a hospital again soon' present. He's not all bad!

Yes, this little round up has been a bit of a rant post, but you know, sometimes it's good to let it out. I'm not ungrateful for the good bits either- racing T down Whitechapel and Mile End Road to get home was great fun, and I'm not kidding when I say my folks know how to party hard- there may or may not be pictures of my holding up my aunt's boobs.... And T graduated (properly) in this mix too. It was a pleasure and a privilege to celebrate that with him as we've been through a lot whilst he made his degree work for him and into finding a 'proper' job.

Tell me good things people- are the cubs as awesome I'm lead to believe? Have you been somewhere cool this month? Know of somewhere awesome to get ice cream (because whilst I can't have it, of course I want it!)?

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