Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Bag Lady

With the business, I no longer have a fixed work place and so I often end up needing to carry around a fair few things. Couple this with the sad demise of my usual handbag, at the back end of the summer I set about the arduous task of finding the gold at the end of the rainbow- a new 'everyday' handbag, particularly for the working week.

#todayimwearing kitty shoes, Aquascutum bag & a scarf that does in fact double up as a blanket.
Bag, Aquascutum

I usually look for black in a handbag as it works with the general colour palette of my wardrobe, and is a true classic for something so everyday. I really lucked out with the purchase because I has become my new everyday handbag, or certainly for my working week.

AW bag contents Aquascutum
A small amount of the junk that ends up in my bag....

I look for leather for a bag that I expect to use as much as this one as I find it be super durable and always classy, I prefer a shoulder strap that isn't super long and my bags must have a sturdy significant closure like a full length zip because I don't want anybody who doesn't belong dipping their hands in on the tube or the bus.

This Aquascutum beauty doesn't appear to be in production any more and was in fact an eBay bargain. I paid (inc P&P) just over £50 and it came in it's original dust bag. Whether or not it's genuine is up for debate I suppose, but whether it is or isn't I still love it, and for a good quality, strong bag that does everything I need, I still think £50 is a good deal.

AW Aquascutum

One of the other joys of this bag is that it has a fully padded section for a laptop and whole bunch of pockets that I can fit all my crap into. I can comfortable fit my laptop, diary (it's a large Moleskine...) my iPad, AND the rest of the usual girl junk from a standard handbag. It's quite heavy at that point, but do-able.

There are some things wardrobe wise that I still buy on a disposable level- a lot of my tops & shirts that I pull on with favourite jeans or trousers are inexpensive and last only a few months before I start again but shoes and handbags are something I choose to hunt hard for to find something that's exactly right, that I prefer to spend a little more on for something that is right and that really good quality shoes & handbags (amongst other things) can really lift simple or basic outfits.


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