Wednesday, December 3, 2014

3 Hideously Expensive Products I Really Want

I cannot be the only person who sees hype unfold on Twitter, blogs, media etc and thinks.... really?! I do this a lot, who really needs a nail polish/notebook/pair of trainers that cost almost as much as my rent?

The problem is, sometimes I get to try those things whilst out and about, here's a few I realised I actually really want, totally regardless.

Aesop Resurrection Hand Cream 
Winter cycling means my hands benefit from regular attention at the moment- chilly air and skin are not a winning combination. At my office, I make good and liberal use of the free hand cream in the bathrooms, at home, my metal tube of The Body Shop almond hand cream is well loved and costs, at £5, 75% less than the Aesop hand cream. But having tried it in a restaurant, I'm filled with aromatic, non-greasy, quick sinking in dreams of a hand cream that costs £20. I know I don't need it, and to many, spending £20 on a hand cream might not seem so bad (especially since I spend a winceworthy amount per annum on Elemis and Dermalogica skincare....) but I don't *need* it, however bloody lovely it might be.


Rapha Jeans
Whilst I have eschewed my city girl single speed bike in favour of a sportier road bike this year, I'm still for the most part a city cyclist. When hammering through Whitechapel and the City each morning, I do a full shower and change at the office, but there are days where I jump on my bike just to go to a quick appointment or to do the grocery shopping, and I don't always want to wear sports clothes for that, equally, my denim leggings are WAY too low rise for the bike.

The cycling brand, Rapha created jeans for the men's collection last year, designed to be worn on and off the bike, this year, the ladies get a look in, and despite the £150 (yes, really) price tag, my goodness I want them. They're stain resistant, they have a mid rise, so I don't bare my behind, they have high viz piping. But they're still £150. Sigh.

Moleskine Notebooks/Diaries
I know the likes of Smythson make Moleskine look pretty inexpensive, but I'd never understood paying £15-20 for a notebook or a diary when you can easily purchase one for a fifth of the price. Then someone bought me one of their diaries as a gift, which was quickly added to with a Project Planning Notebook and then some Evernote compatible Cahier notebooks. I don't know *quite* what it is about Moleskin, but the diaries and notebooks seem to always be exactly right. They're also generally super sturdy, which I love since they have to travel a lot. Oh and their staff are lovely, or at least the Canary Wharf store staff are, which could prove a danger to my debit card, since there's only so many paper products one can justify between a paperless business and a personal life stored on an iPhone....


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