Thursday, December 11, 2014

Fitness Fix: Mountain Warehouse Winter Kit Review

These products were NOT sent for review, this post is not sponsored. All news, views and reviews belong to yours truly & the products featured were purchased with my own hard earn cash.

Dude. Winter arrived briskly. I've spent the last month saying '...but it's NOT THAT COLD!' Except that this week it really kinda was. Cue realisation that I've lost my cycling gloves that have actual fingers and I only have one long sleeved baselayer t-shirt. Yeah. 

Mountain Warehouse Winter Review
Baselayer t-shirt & Gloves both Mountain Warehouse

It was therefore a relief to find when logging on, that Mountain Warehouse had a massive sale on and a further 20% off everything as well. I've talked about their activewear before, having been given some to review, but I don' think there's much higher praise than subsequently spending your own hard earned cash on more of it. Long story short: I liked it, I still like it.

So, the baselayer t-shirt was £12.50 on sale, less another 20% . A whole £10. It's long sleeved, it wicks, it comes in pink if that's your bag, but personally I love and much prefer the grey. It's thicker than I expected (a good thing) and it's not a skin tight fit, in fact it's rather flattering. No pictures of my in it though, because I was a hot mess when I got off the bike and realised I should probably have taken pictures.

MW Panna Base Layer Close Up

It's not earth shattering, but for £10, I can't help thinking it's tough to go wrong, and from experience of my other base layer, they wash and wear well over a period of time. In the end, I actually ended up with two of these, which probably tells you everything you need to know.

Side note: the sizing of the Mountain Warehouse gear is quite generous. I would normally need to size up in sports wear to fit my tits in, but a 12- my general top half size is a good and definitely not snug fit.

Now, the bike specific main event. I got quite excited about these, yes I know that probably means I need to get out more.

Reflective back of Cycle Gloves
Reflective Back

Gloves. Cycling gloves seem to range from expensive to hideously expensive, so I was quite please to see these at £14.99, and pay £11.99 for them. Not a bank breaker, and for a brand that most wouldn't associate with activewear or cycle kit, these gloves boast some pretty impressive and well considered features.

The reflective panel on the back is freakin genius. It's dark at both ends of the day, so anything extra I can do to be visible, including when indicating is the best thing ever. As lots of gloves do, they have toweling along the thumb, so if you wiper your face free of whatever is splashing against it, you don't scrape off half your skin and the palm is pretty good too. Minimal but sensibly place padding- I don't like my gloves to feel like cushions...., hard wearing suede style fabric, and I got a perfect range of movement.

Cycle Gloves Padding
The palm side

So far, so reasonable, but the best thing of all about these gloves....

Cycle Gloves Touch Screen

Those little chevrons on the thumb and index fingers. Those my friends, mean you can use touch screens whilst wearing them! Sounds minor, but so many brands bang on about how special they're gloves are and how pretty, but you can't use a screen with them- which means, no segment checking on Strava, no map checking on Google maps, no whatever it is you look at on the newer Garmin products....

For a sensible price you're getting a decent pair of gloves, with well considered features in a nice neutral colour. These are female specific, and a blue/black male version is available, but it looks as though the only difference is the way they're sized. A good find.


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