Thursday, December 18, 2014

In My Bag I Packed: A Spanish Handbag Purchase

I didn't necessarily go to Spain with the intention of buying a new handbag, but I did have in the back of my mind that a new mid-sized handbag that doesn't knock out anybody in a 2km radius (a la the Aquascutum beast...) for y'know, leaving the house without a laptop and 3 phones.

When I walked past the shop initially, I spotted a few very nice looking bags, but on day 2 of 5, I didn't feel I could justifying blowing over €100 on a present for myself, despite T telling me I should anyway. Cue major buyers regret..... hand stitched leather and a dreams of something green instead of black. I wouldn't say I'm much of a daddy's girl.... but on departure day, T persuaded my Dad to drive us back into old town Marbella to make the bag purchase, since we had a fair volume of Euros left....

El Potro Green Leather bag

Green El Potro

Although priced at €115 when I looked at it, the lady either took pity on me, or was pleased to be making a sale before even officially opening the shop (yes, I was the creepy girl hanging about the shop waiting for it to open....) because she gave me 20% off, taking it down to €92. The leather is beautifully buttery and the pictures above show a mostly true to life colour- a fabulous forest green. There's also a shoulder strap which can be attached to the handles, but I'm not currently using it.

El Potro Green bag

Based on the current exchange rate, the approximate cost in sterling was around £72, considering the beautiful leather, construction and the unusual colour, I'm pretty happy with that. I've become a bit militant about finding leather bags since I've had a few non-leather, even ones that have cost a similar amount to this beauty, fall apart or worse, become very scruffy with scrapes or wear on corners, and although prepared to pay for a good quality leather, I can help feeling this was nearing bargain territory.

The inside is made up of a single large space, with a zip pocket and a small pouch style pocket set into the flat lining. I quite like this as I use a lift-out bag organiser and a centre divider can be a nightmare for that.

I won't be posting specifically about our little jolly to the Costa del Sol, it was a brief family trip in lieu of doing Christmas presents, which seems to be a new tradition. We ate a lot, drank a lot and I don't think videos of us lot singing along to Donna Summer (don't ask) are quite what I have in mind for my blog content.... Suffice to say, landing back into Gatwick on Tuesday was disappointing!


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