Sunday, February 8, 2015

What I Wore: Mountain Warehouse Activewear

This post contains products sent to me for consideration and review, marked as 'c/o'. All news, views and reviews are my own and I have not been paid to include products or links in this post. 
I keep going on and on about Mountain Warehouse and their activewear range, mostly because I really think it's brilliant. It started last year when I was kindly gifted some goodies after an event at their Fulham store, and I've been spending my own money on their products ever since.

Mountain Warehouse Sprint 8 L Rucksack Hydration Pack
Sprint 8L rucksack/hydration pack, c/o Mountain Warehouse

It started with this rucksack and a baselayer, gifted as part of the event. But since about this time last year, I've been steadily growing the collection.

Mountain Warehouse Winter Review
Panna Women's baselayer & women's cycling gloves

I actually own 2 of these Panna baselayer t-shirts. Long sleeves, heavier winter weight and a very flattering (not skintight around the middle) fit make them my idea of perfection. I purchased these myself, and they're great value because they're currently half price at £12.49. The Adrenaline gloves are the best thing ever thanks to their touch screen details (chevrons on the thumb & forefinger) and reflective bits. I use them for running too. Also half price at £14.99 the gloves are some of the best thought through for the price range that I've ever come across!

In the same flurry, I also bought T some winter running tights for cycling in- not going mad here, but the cycling tights they do are padded and for commuting T prefers non-padded gear and these can be hauled on over his padded cycling shorts for longer rides. The men's range is just as good as the women's and he has subsequently ended up with a second pair of tights and a handful of baselayer tops for work/cycle commuting of late. This is good news not just for him and being comfortable whilst racing the clock of a morning, but also for the laundry. 2 active adults create quite a lot of laundry but the joy with activewear is that it dries super quickly, so I can be putting the next load straight into the machine and know the kit will be dry before the next load needs hanging.

Mountain Warehouse Alpine hoody
Can you tell it was cold?!

Another kindly gifted product, this hoody continues to have me amazed. As I've mentioned a few (hundred) times, it's showerproof. I'm not saying it should take the place of a proper waterproof if you're out and about in heavy rain, but it IS brilliant. It doesn't look like a waterproof so it's great for pulling on with jeans when I hop on my bike to go to an appointment or pick up some groceries, it's super warm thanks to the brushed fabric interior and the way the hood is shaped around the neck means there's no need for an additional scarf or snood.The Alpine shower proof hoody is ALSO half price currently at £24.99 and available in blue as well as the grey one I have here. I'm currently eye up the men's version for faceache for all of the reasons I think it's so useful, plus it's got 60% off so is under £20.

I'm currently working with and featuring a lot of sports/activewear clothing on the blog at the moment, and that's partly because I'm lucky enough to be working with a couple of brands in the field. This blog continues to be a lifestyle blog, and because I'll never be the person interested in being the best in category of a sport, or getting up at the arse crack of dawn to do a work out, I have made being active a part of my daily life, I believe a 'little and often' approach is a healthier approach to making exercise a part of your lifestyle than punishing gym sessions or giving up precious time to do something that could have been incorporated into your day. That also means that my approach to what I wear or how I wear things has changed- activewear is part of my lifestyle as much as cycling to work (and everywhere else when possible) or choosing to consistently eat lots of fresh food that I love or buying more shoes is.

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