Tuesday, March 3, 2015

New Favourites: 5 Things I Loved in February

Sorry February, but I'm not sad to see the back of you- house move dramas, chest infections and more house move dramas, scrambling to get stuff done and criss-crossing the south-east.

On the plus side, here's 5 things I loved in February, not including eating all the cheese in Paris (read about that HERE).

Feb Favourites

1. I went along to see what Helly Hansen have in store for this coming year in their training range and was totally blown away by some of the technical advances, particularly in visibility and also the generosity of the team. They sent me home with a vast bag full of new kit, but aside from the colour changing mug (REALLY) these tights are just the best thing ever. Full review to come, but seriously... LOOK at them! On a side note, they're WAY more .... feminine in colour/print than I would normally go for, but there's a bit of an Ice Queen feel to them, which I love.

Feb Favourites Helly Tights

2. I had a huge clear out of some of my costume jewellery, including lots of rings I've had since my that don't fit. It seemed a good excuse to raid the ASOS sale for some new bits and I've been wearing this Me & Zena talons ring pretty much non-stop.

Favourite new ring.

3. The striped top is from Primark, was about £4, and I love it, because green stripes. I had been on the hunt for a new breton style t-shirt for ages, and had hoped to find one in Uniqlo, but their version looked horrendous on me, so I'm glad I braved Primark on a Saturday, just for this t-shirt.

4. Pre-Paris purchase- I didn't go into Uniqlo to buy knitwear, in fact, I have been warned about my very minor knitwear habit recently. But it's pretty. Really pretty,

Feb Favourites Uniqlo Speckled Jumper

5. Sparkly Converse. Enough said? Well no actually, because they were reduced to £35 and they're glittery. I have to keep reminding myself that just because I work solo, doesn't mean it's always appropriate to wear sparkly sneakers... based on my What I Wore post this weekend, I have clearly failed on that front.... But seriously. Glittery sneakers.

Feb Faves Silver Glitter Converse

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