Tuesday, April 21, 2015

For The Journey: A Running Update

After writing about getting back to running (I say that like I was ever doing that much of it...) it's been really interesting on a personal level to feel like I can document the progress, especially now I have something to aim for with the Nike Women's 10km coming up in June.

First run since the clocks changed and with raging hay fever symptoms. I'm so attractive right now with my snotty nose & streaming eyes & sweat. #thisgirlcan
Sunny Run Shadows

The biggest change I'm noticing lately is that I don't end up back at square one when I take time off. With our house move taking over my life for a few weeks, I was nervous about going back to my training program and was relieved and pleased in equal measures that I hadn't dropped much of the fitness I'd started to build up.

I've been very lucky to build a relationship with the brand Helly Hansen this year- they've gifted me some brilliant gear, including my favourite running tights and the only trainers I've ever worn that alleviate the knee pain I enjoy when running.

Gratuitous annoying picture of my running gear. I also won a competition to have my design printed on a pair of these tights today.
Tights & Trainers both gifted by Helly Hansen, Top from Mountain Warehouse

Helly's latest campaign via their app has been design based, aimed at women- when you log runs on the app, it unlocks new colours and patterns for the design of a unique pair of running tights. Cue exciting emails saying the design I submitted was voted in the top 5 and I'll be receiving a pair of my custom design tights.

The tights I designed on the @hellyhansen #thisismystyle app are being made up into real tights for me! Excitement.

I'm so excited to see how they come out and it's also not everyday that you get your own design printed on to a pair of running tights. As a side note- the #ThisIsMyStyle part of the app is still very much live, so if you fancy a go at designing your own pair, get your run on.

The next goal for me is to get over The Fear. Whenever the training goes up a level or I have had time off, The Fear of how hard it might be when I get back out there is often way worse than the getting back out there.  I'm resolving to at least try and enjoy myself with the exercise. Anyone else I know out there trying to find their way?

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