Tuesday, April 14, 2015

From Where I Stand: What I Wore

I can't decide if I do these posts because I don't know what else to do with the instagram shots of my feet and legs or because I need to be reminded to wear something other than denim leggings and a jumper sometime soon.... So here we go.

March running (You can read about my foray into pavement pounding HERE)
FWIS Running Mar 2015
Clockwise from Top Left-
The sun came out and a German Shepherd puppy left some muddy pawprints behind
The sun stayed out and my awesome tights and manicure made it seem like Spring was coming
Matched my manicure with my trainers for a run where I felt like an epic failure
The manicure in question- completely unintentional that it matches my running kit so well, but isn't the colour fabulous? 

March in the office
FWIS Mar 2015 Shoes & Braids
Clockwise from top left-
CAT SHOES- what else do I say really? Except I also bought mouse versions because both pairs were on sale
I had a go at my own version of my Braid Bar braid, and it came out pretty well (read more HERE)
I spent a lot of time in denim leggings and big jumpers this month- gratuitous cat slippers also
When packing for the move, rediscovered this satchel as it had fallen out of the box I store my handbags in

March on the move....

Clockwise from top left- 
MOVE DAY.... subsequently spent almost 2 and a half weeks wearing nothing but denim leggings and jumpers... plus de change.... 
Hereford bound for Easter Weekend, it was super sunny so I wore these awesome sunglasses my mum brought back from the States for me. Incessantly. 
Green, for a change. Loving this easy breton tee from Primark. 
Getting my bike on whilst in Herefordshire. Totally screwed my left shoulder, but it was nice to stretch my bike (and my legs) 

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