Saturday, April 18, 2015

New Favourites: Things I Love in February & March

These posts are often a bit of a round up job as well, but I've bitched enough about moving house now, so I'll stick with the good bits.

1. Getting My Match On
I'm tired. My knee hurts. My hip hurts. But my @hellyhansen trainers match my nails and it's still all about these epic tights. #thisgirlcan
Tights & Trainers both gifted to me by Helly Hansen, Activewear top from Mountain Warehouse & Nails done in Cambs using GelII

STILL loving these Helly Hansen tights and trainers- the tights are perfection for spring both in aesthetic with the beautiful print and design- slightly longer than capri length, perfect thickness to keep out the chill breeze without overheating when the sun is shining on through. But best of all, unconsciously matching my gel manicure to my kit.

2. Glittery & Green
Green Breton stripes for going home from super sunny Hereford. I don't want to go back to reality. There's no 2004 Bollinger in reality.

I continue to live and die in my silver glitter converse, see also green spanish handbag and latterly this long sleeve green & cream breton style t-shirt from Primark. Inventive, no but goodness me is this easy dressing for the supremely busy/lazy.

3. All about that braid
Loved my Linda braid so much that I did my own French braid version today (because Dutch braiding screws with my head)
After getting my hair braided by The Braid Bar, my love for a decent braid (otherwise known as a way to not wash my hair for an additional 2-3 days) was totally re-ignited. For me, braids are actually super practical as well as time saving- originally, braiding my quite long hair was a way to keep it from getting tangled whilst wearing my cycle helmet, and whilst it's super windy at present, it's much the same principle. This is my own version, you can see what the girls did for me in this post about my Braid Bar experience

4. Valentines Vodka
I came across the East London Liquor Co at a food festival, and although I believe they're better known for their gin, their vodka is fabulous. Mine was a Valentines gift from Faceache and it's every bit as good as I recalled. They have a bar round the corner from my old flat. I'm gutted we never made it their whilst we still lived in stumbling distance.
Friday- thanks to @distillingine3 and @fevertreemixers

5. Keeping it real with cocktails
Sensing a theme? It would be fair to say I'm a drinker- I enjoy wine very much, have a love for Vodka so long as it's not flavoured and my grandfather has passed on a love of unusual and/or international spirits and liqueurs. Not everyone will approve, but luckily my mate Stuart, who I hadn't seen since January does. Cocktails and catch ups!
Happy Easter

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