Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Travel: An Unexpected Holiday Photo Diary

I wasn't really planning much holiday-wise this year, we've had other priorities between financial commitments and work. But sometimes an opportunity comes along that's just too good to refuse and so we grabbed it and ran.

So, possibly the least organised I have ever been before a trip, we didn't know how we were getting back from the airport until we were discussing it on the flight home and am I the only one who puts their summer swimwear away and then can't find it? But I also had a fabulous week, came home feeling refreshed and raring to go (helped by all the goodies in the business inbox waiting for me) and full of amazing fish and seafood. A brief Photo Diary...

Madeira 1
View for the week from the balcony 
My sparkling wine has cats on it and is therefore superior 
The sea without the beach, perfect

Madeira 3 Funchal
Old Town Funchal- lovely city, loads of cool doors
Street Art in Funchal
Coming around to gin when it comes in a cocktail

Madeira 2 Food
Scabbard with a Sea Urchin Sauce

Madeira 3 Tropical Gardens
Visiting the Monte Palace & Topical Gardens including a 1000 year old olive tree

We had a great week, and after the victory of understanding that you can do 'doing holidays' in your own way (for me that means picking a few things I hope I'll love rather than trying to do loads) in Paris, I'm home and refreshed and raring to go for the busiest part of the year for business. Yeah- I'm that annoying person on Twitter who was excited to be back at work post-holiday because of the stuff in my inbox!

The other bonus- I'm now starting to look at plans for next year, and hopefully some further flung adventures for me!


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