Thursday, June 11, 2015


Life. Lately. Got it? Good.

Lately 3
Went on holiday and learned that lizards like fruit
Came home from holiday and realised it takes more than eye cream & perfume to perpetuate the 'glow' of relaxation from aforementioned trip

Lately 2
Got really into this
Until this (sprained ankle) happened

Lately 1
Turned 26 and was reluctantly sociable
A birthday treat having my nails done- blue as a change from my green habit!

June Food
Tried to get enthused about food again after a challenging couple of weeks. Almost succeeded.

Fenland sunsets
Everyone always seems so desperate to extol the natural beauty of hilly places like the LAke District, but the flat Fenlands offer some beautiful skies with nothing in the way!

Lately Beauty
Got my beauty on- free beauty box with my M&S order turned out to be choc full of awesomeness
A little birthday treat to myself from FeelUnique and realised that Topshop lipstick is a bugger to apply

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