Monday, June 1, 2015

New Favourites: 5 Things I Loved in May

All things said and done, May has been a bit shit, the highlight was getting an unexpected break in Madeira early on in the month, which reflects in this months favourite additions to my wardrobe and dressing table.

May Favourites
Havaianas, €29, Gucci Guilty perfume, No7 Early Defence Eye Cream £13.50, Sunglasses gifted by my Mum, Surania Bikini sent to me c/o Surania

I'm a bit late to the game, but whilst in Madeira, T needed some new flip flops and we stumbled across a shop that sold nothing but Havaianas and I spotted these sandal-flip flop hybrids and decided they were a necessary addition to my life. I love the bronze-y gold colour of the straps and they're super comfy.

I'll also be reviewing this awesome bikini in full soon, but here's the highlights in preview- I designed it, it's made to my EXACT measurements and it still cost less than £50. Surania asked if I would like to design and review a bikini from their site, but all views are my own. 

A flash of sun on the way to Hereford yesterday. Loving these sunglasses.

I have a bit of a thing for sunglasses and have pairs floating around everywhere. My mum also started a bit of a tradition in that she often brings me a pair back from trips she's been on. These ones came from the States and I love this take on the classic cat eye. They're also rubberised, which is nice for a change.


This perfume is an old one but a good one. I treated myself to a half price gift set of 5 Gucci fragrances- 4 of which I have used and liked. It's a novelty to have these little miniatures because they're great in my handbag or for the travelling I do between offices.

This is the latest offering from the No7 anti-ageing range targeted at younger people and preventing signs of ageing rather than focusing too hard on undoing them. I'm a bit obsessed with eye cream since I had a facial and they said the skin around my eyes was super de-hydrated. I drink around 3L of water per day and aside the mandatory cup of coffee that kicks my day off, I don't drink much caffeine, so I've been religious about trying to solve the problem.

And now it's June. I'm hoping for more opportunities to wear sandals and sunglasses because lately it's been more about cardigans and slippers. June is set to be super busy for me- I'm now into the busiest time of the year with work, I'll be turning another year older, and I'll be trying to get back to running and cycling after some gentle rehab on my ankle. It's a sense of 'here we go, let's do this'. 

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