Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Things I Still Haven't Learned

It seems borderline traditional to note what one has learned by a certain age when birthdays come around, but I'd be here all day if I listed things I've learned either in my 20's or just the last 12 months, so today, the day I turn 26, here's a few things I still haven't learned.
How to blow dry my hair properly. No, really. I still can't get it to dry how I want it and therefore rarely bother at all and just leave it to dry of it's own accord. Now it's a bit shorter though, it's more difficult to get away with that. Sigh.
Loved my Linda braid so much that I did my own French braid version today (because Dutch braiding screws with my head)
If in doubt, braid it out
The difference between hypO and hypER. The scientific difference between the two prefixes is quite literally polar opposite and I don't know why it bugs me so much that I can't remember which one is which since I'm yet to find a situation where I *need* to know that difference, but I also know it can be lifesaving for people with some not uncommon health conditions such as diabetes.
The will to eat just a few blueberries. Seriously though, how is it just me that starts eating them only to realise a short while later whilst absently groping the punnet that there are none left?
How to cook for one. I wish I could take my own advice on this.
Why I never have enough pairs of knickers of the right colour- wearing no dark wash jeans and I can find are pale pairs, pulling on a pale coloured dress and there's only black in the drawer.
Pale dress = underwear enemy number one
Where all the bruises come from- seriously, at any given time there's always at least one I can't remember acquiring. I swear my furniture jumps out into my past.
Contouring. Enough said.
The location of HUNDREDS of hair ties I've purchased in the last decade alone and that I can never find when I need one.
Love this idea from @lovewilko detachable brush heads.
Why is it that I can always find a hair brush and never a hair tie?
How to read our antique electric metre. Seriously, it looks like it's at least twice my age and it has all manner of strange dials on it.
Why my cakes don't cook in the middle when trying to use a silicon mould. Team OldFashionedCakeTin.
The art of curling one's eyelashes.
What even is leftover wine?
My Portuguese sparkling wine has a CAT on it!