Wednesday, September 16, 2015

10 to 1

Another #bodymode30daychallenge prompt that I rather liked- if you want to read more about the challenge, I wrote this post about it here

1. How you will spend 10 minutes by yourself today
Stretching- it's helping with my left leg which is pretending to have problems 3 weeks before a marathon...

2. Nine things you like about yourself

I'm driven, I'm also competitive, I'm an all or nothing person so you'll always get my 110% effort I'm doing something, I'm a problem solver- totally hooked on codeword puzzles at present, I have great natural shape to my eyebrows AND I've never messed with that, I'm also pretty fond of my natural hair colour, I can cook (I like to feed people) and I can still (just about) make a dress from start to finish including drafting the pattern

3. Eight ways to win your heart

Bring me food, bring me wine, bring me small batch vodka, pay someone a sincere compliment- you'll never know how much of a difference it can make, never ever bring me flowers because they'll make me sneeze, change the bed for me because it's my most hated household job, sponsor my 100km challenge raising £1000 for Cancer Research

Friday- thanks to @distillingine3 and @fevertreemixers

4. Seven things that cross your mind a lot

What's in the fridge to cook with, what's for lunch, what's for dinner, what's for dinner tomorrow, what's the weather like for running, when can I ride my bike next

5. Six things you'd like to do in the next week
Ride my bike, get my left leg fixed, take awesome pictures from my Breakfast in the Sky event, book a haircut, paint my nails, find my crochet hooks

6. Five people who inspire you 

My best friend, Dev- for his mastery of language and ability to laugh things off
Victoria Coren Mitchell- breaking the mould and always having something intelligent to contribute
Jessica Ennis-Hill- possibly the most remarkable achievements in a sporting return
Hannah Barnes- an incredible female cycling talent
Soph of Pretty Fit- for all round being better

7. Four things that you love doing

Riding my bike, eating, cooking, binge watching whichever series I'm currently hooked on (The Good Wife),

Take me back.

8. Three things you fear
Failing, falling, Marathon Day

9. Two images that describe your life right now

PicMonkey Collage

10. One Confession

I'm not sure I can do this


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