Sunday, September 20, 2015

#Bodymode30DayChallenge - Part 2

If you're reading this wondering what on earth is going on, back track to Part 1 right HERE!

So the 2nd set of 10 days has FLOWN past, September has been a busy month between races, injury, work and travel!

Day 11 -The aftermath of injury- full on multicoloured bruising and pain like no other. Fridays are usually a naff day for me in terms of eating well because there's work, travelling, and normally a PT session, so it's no surprise that I didn't manage the daily challenge which was a kickboxing themed youtube workout.

Day 12 - Saturday, oh sweet Saturday. A rest day for me, especially with a race this weekend and niggles and injury earlier in the week. No upper body workout for me, but I did walk several thousand steps at Westfield this afternoon. The daily challenge prompt was 10 to 1- you can read my post HERE

First race since July. Tentative because I'm having some residual problems with an injury from May. If I make it round that course, this will be 45% of my challenge raising money for @cr_uk

Day 13 - RACE DAY! First race since July, and it was pretty good. Had to take Run To The Beat a bit steadier than I'd have liked- see whining about injury above, but it was amazing to see how far I'd come in not finding a 10km distance that hard. The daily challenge was all about anchoring good feelings which seems appropriate for Run To The Beat. I crossed the line with my partner to the track below which is not only super important to us, but is a cracking sprint finish song.

Day 14 -Monday is my other religiously observed rest day- suffering surprisingly litter for my race and generally enjoying being back on track with both running and my nutrition after the epic fail getting into the challenge.

Suffering with my left leg a bit but back onto the upper body regime. I also remembered it's 3 weeks since I had a PT session which has meant no kettlebell lifting, so unless I want to flake out on Friday, time to get lifting. I'm also in that zone of considering a gym membership for the winter months as I do rather like a bit of weight training.

Day 16 - Wednesday is running club day which makes me happy. No participation for me this week thanks again to my left leg for that. It should have been my week to volunteer so I was looking forward to my role as chief cheerer and timekeeper- sadly rain stopped play thanks to pavement flooding!

The daily challenge prompt today was to pay it forward, something I don't see happening enough. For me, paying it forward is in part the volunteering element of running club, I want to be be a part of something that helps bring other people some joy through running and encourages people to get out there and make it happen.

FTJ: Running updates

Day 17 - Thursday has become a bit of a nemesis thanks to Osteo sessions to try and heal the left leg I keeping bitching about. Some serious poking, prodding and acupuncture going on, here's hoping it has the desire effect. Needless to say, the daily challenge fitness prompt didn't happen for me, that said I quite enjoyed my upper body weights- enough to do some extras!

Day 18 - Back to PT for the first time in 3 weeks between time off and injury, I suspect Michelle is trying to finish me off once and for all. Who set #highplanklowplank to the point where you end up with mat burn on your elbows. WHO DOES THAT?

Day 19 - Rest Days are pretty sacred, injury or otherwise. I seem to have fallen into the habit of traipsing about more than I'd like on Saturdays. The Daily Challenge prompt, 3 things I want to change in the next week....
1. More carbs
2. More sleep
3. More upper body reps in the absence of heavier weights

Day 20 - Sunday, Sunday, Sunday. My legs still  hurt from Friday, thanks Michelle! Long run is postponed (14 days pre-marathon, terrified is not the word) due to aforementioned leg stiffness. With the marathon so close, I've been putting off new goals. My catchphrase at the present moment seems to be 'when the marathon is done with....' So the Daily Challenge prompt, to set a new fitness goal for next week, it's all about maximising the final week of my upper body challenge. Bigger weights or more reps for every exercise and I want to try and get an extra session in, as a last push on the challenge.

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